Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Hinckley illegal

CO2 follows the natural weather. So in the Jurassic there was twice the level of CO2 in the global air – at 4 parts per million. In the modern epoch global photosynthesis on the land and seas limits CO2 to 2 ppm.
Within 5 minutes of being burnt, the Fossil Fuels becomes new plant bio mass. The climate follows natural 28 year cycles of cooling and warming, and CO2 can only rise in a natural ice-age.
I the Jurassic there were three! One lasting 650 million years, with 8ppm CO2 in the global air.
Nuclear power thought up Global Warming, to dodge legal restrictions after Chernobyl. The required insurance cover was 40 billion – 40 times more than commercially available.
The Power station Regulator has the legal duty to issue immediate stop orders on any plant without sufficient insurance.
After Fukishima this rose to 100 billion. And the world started cooling natural 21 years ago. So Climate Change was nuclear speak, for natural global cooling.
All with a pre-industrial level of 2ppm in the global air. You see the weather is not interested in local levels at diesel exhausts – it wants the global average. Which is fixed at 2ppm. The 200ppm is a fabricated number, as natural does not do exactly multiples of 100 times the biologically locked number.
You burn the Fossil Fuels, you increase modern life! You might increase the level of O2 (As it was 10% higher in the Jurassic), but CO2 is fixed. Immutable. Simple O level biology.
But nuclear power used Global Warming and significant amounts of cash, to buy off legal scrutiny, and academic censure.
Academia is not allowed to receive funding from firms operating its plant illegally – like EDF. They owe the British tax payer a total fine of 1.8 billion.
Which explains the sudden departure of the finance director. Who was trying to avoid the 1,800 year jail sentence appropriate.
So every PCW is operating illegally around the world: the most toxic, and under insured industry ever.
So all the academics are hurriedly shredding their papers, and deleting them from computer systems around the world. Trying to delete Global Warming from record.
They have to repay all research money. And probably share in the jail time.
Hinckley B was licensed to operate only until 1990. EDF used its own engineers to extend its planning consent. My friend at the British Council described this as 'legally unsafe'. I would use the phrase 'totally illegal'.
There will never be a Hinckley C. It will now never get insurance – and it will never be insurable anyway. So will never start operating.
So not even the Chinese would waste 60 billion, building the world's largest, and most expensive white elephant.

Sizewell B also is not insured! And can never legally generate power.

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