Saturday, 26 March 2016

Fusion is here!

A lightening bolt in a steam plasma. Set up bu the electrical cahreg created by heavy rain – that we have all experieienced.It produces 5,000 V, over 1.5 km. So 5 V a km. Or 0.002 amps/m
A 1.5km lightening bolt reates 5 tonnes of He, or 2.5x1030 W. or 1.8x1027/m. So we sense the electricity, btu struggle to meausure ity. It fixes the organic nitopgen that fertilizes all natural plant groth – which supports all life on Earth.
So a 2cm thick steam plasma produces 5.8 MW/m. A 50x1cm steam plasma wil lprodcue 1.2 MW.
Ligthening goes off at -50oC, 1 atmosphere in the Arctics.
Which make the 100 million oC used by the Max Planck institute look very stupid.
The fire tube in a steam engine has steam in turbulent flow, which forms a steam plasma. Which release 3000oC. The fire tube does not melt, due to thwe presence of water.
If we have 9 1m steam plasma tube, we can supply enough heat, to maintain a 100 MW power station.
We use a Carnot heat pump to recover 85% of the sytem heat, and return it to the boiler, at higher temperature. So we only need supply 15% of the system heat – only 9 steam plasma tubes, 2cm x 2m long.
No Fossil Fuels burn. No hyper toxic uranium fusion.
We turn regular heart into massive power – 0.05cc per year! The surface temperature of a lightening bolt reaches 10 millionoC. But the bulk temperatures is our more manageabel 3000oC.
Welcome to the fusion age – lightenign has done natural Molecular Nuclear Fusion for 3.8 billion years. Safe, free and clean.
You can build a 120 kW power plant in your garage, running off water. Generating an annual income of 3.6 million!
The Max Planck look very stupid indeed. They want money to do physics – they are nto intereted in any useful science.

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