Monday, 21 March 2016

$63 billion fiction

After Chernobyl, nuclear power was despirate for a future. This toxic industry now needed insurance of 40 billion a year to operate legally: 100 billion after Fukishima. No insurance above 1 billion is available.
But they were big contributors to academia – and now was pay back time. All CO2 released by burning Fossil Fuels becaomes active plant bio-mass in the seas or or l;and within 5 minutes.
If only they could show increasing levels of CO2, they could link it to undesirable weather: and make themselves green.
The climate cools and warms with 28 years cycles, and Chernobyl lay in a warmning phase. So all they needed was some dubious sampling, and historical support for the idea, and Global Warming was go!
The level of CO2 is limited by global hypotosynthesis at 0onle 2part per million. And some scientist sampled at a disel exhaust – and wrote it up as if it was free air.
Every other scientist could site that paper, and their papers were referenced, and Global Warming had a phantom smack of truith. It was biological fiction – but nuclear power liked fiction!
Levels of CO2 were higher over the arctic, and in natural ice-ages. So scientists did not bother with that – we are talking about serious free money.
Strangely enough, the sceintists were all physics professors, or engineers – biologists had this tendancy to laugh at the notion of Global Warming.
The the weqather started cooling in 1995: Remember, every area on Earth had to be warmer than the year before!
 All of this means that a proposed EU Carbon tax is a spurious tax invented by nuclear power, the most toxic industry, designed to manipulate the energy market ILLEGALLY in its favour. The European lawyers will throw the tax out. With recommendations that a lot of 'clmatge scientists' sho9uld seek other employment. CO2 levels in the afternoon air are at a preindustrial 2ppm. Ask any high school biology teacher.

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Nature does massive amounts of nuclear fusion every day using the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam! Hence the massive amount of helium gas in the global air.
Then 2009 ws the coldest winter in the Northern Hemisphere for 200 years. All the scientists had heard of my photosynthessi work in 2001, and gone on to ther study.
Climate Change was just too amorphous, and based on a biologically imposible rise in CO2 again!
But by now the politicians were involved – with carbon taxes. Here si the puzzle, taxes can only be levied on real changes. And the CO2 level in the free air was a pre-industrial 2ppm. So they resorted to guesses – that can be challenged in the courts.
And a 5 million tax bill is worth employing a barister and challenging.
Mind you, governments inveted 10 billion a year since 2005 in Climate Change research. Into total scientific rubbish.
So even with 100 billion on the table, no scientist without mental health problems is going to be interested.
And newspaper reporters still write about how a cold month was the warmest ever such month on record. Remember 2009 – every day has to be warmer than corresponding days in history.
And winter 2009 vws the coldest winter for 200 years!
The warm Middle ages was the warmest period on record – with vitually no CO2 from man.
1948 was the coldest winter, unti l2009. At a time of little economic activity and CO2 from man.
So just another 7 years until the world starts warming again naturally.
We do not need Fossil Fuels burning. A steam plasma is a better heat source.
A 50x1cm steam plasma at 4 atmospheres produces a constant 2,4 Mw, and will self sustain, once stated by a pulse of electic at 2,000 V.
Use the elwectronic from a flourescent light, and regular tap water. Buty the plasma tube and turbine over the interenet.

Carbon free, non-toxic and free power. All the academic have to repay the research grants to the uninsured nuclear industry – and shred the scientific rubbish they wrote. And then leave education for life.

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