Friday, 19 February 2016

Viruses cured

Viruses are basically single cell organisms, that find a home in the host – human or otherwise. The are forced to divide in a single cell way.
To achieve this, they need an inflated cell structure, and additional viral genome. They are over infalted by over encreting enothelial growth factor – that grows blood vessels, If inappropriately exccrete by a cell, they get a swolen and inflated structure.

Bacteria are similarly inflated, but trick the immune system into copying their genome. If body cells are exposed to e.g. 180 W 40 kHz, they suffer ultrasound burns.
But at only 90 W, viruses cedlls experieience cell content boiling – and the cell fragments explosively, damaging near by body cells, but clearing the infections.
I niw use the more effective 8 W 1 MHz: licen sed to clear scaring and limb damage – the beauty people use them. You can get one from Amazon for 36 UK pounds
If we apply this device to the chest for 1 minute, the body makes and actions the human antibody, to clear any infection: btoh viral and bacterial. Fungal antiobitics are now defective medicine – that no registered Dr. can prescribe. To do so man kill the patient, and deltes their naem from the medical register – going back 14 years!
Applied externally to any organ, we clear any viral imfection: bio-chemical treatments are thus defective.
High Intensity UltraSound will clear any caner! Of the 200 types of huma ncancer out there. Similarly, it will clear all per infections and cancer – without recourse to the Dr or vert respectively.
The device are meedicalyl licensed for home use – no Dr or hospital needed.

Without bio-chemistry killing the patients, modern medicine mas a massive loss. Nobody in their right mind need sto study a mdical degree – to be instructed in defective bio-chemical science: 60% of a medical degree.

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