Sunday, 21 February 2016

Unlimited free power

Hydrogen nuclei and electron are always trying to convert to energy.
1 H++e- ->n0
2 2n0 ->E1 E1=about 12 Watts neutron size = 10-15m
They don't as the neutron is orbitting the proton and neutrons. Except in a nova. There we do 1, and are left with a white dwarf – a neutron star. The densest form of matter.
If we formed a black hole, the whole universe would be suck into it instantly! That is the power of infinity!
What Einstein did not realise, is that vacuum is filled with very difuse electro magnetic fields. And gravity.
So the speed of liht increases as you recede from a star. At the Hliopase, the speed of light is 100 times greater, than around the Earth's orbit around the sun/
No warp drive needed – the speed of light increases, so the speed of a space ship wan massivelh excede wqhat we think of as the limit – the speed of light. The speed of light actually increases.
So we fire up a hydrogen plasma, and jet a hot gas of quarks shooting out of the craft. Which drives the craft at great speed.
On Earth, we use a steam plasma in a glass tube.
3 H2O+TU ->2H++O2-+10e-
then 1 & 2.
4 O2-+TU->8H++10e- then 1&2.
Lightening does Molecular Nuclear Fusion, and rleases 5 tonnes of He gas from a 1.5km steam plasma. Which teaches us that a steam plasma will release 5.8 MW/m, from a minute amount of water.
We can use this science, to make space ships that shuttle between the Moon and Earth. Particularly chemistry is better done in 0 g. Astronomy benefits from no atmosphere.
So we fire up a stea, plas,a, and turn frighteningly little water int omassive heat. We can fly to the asteroid belts, and bring back water asteroids, to dry in tehj empty Pacific ocean.
Better t ogrind them up, so the dust disperses in the Earth's atmosphere, so we increase natural rain fall. But there again, we have too much water at present.

No Fossil Fuels burn. And no hyper-toxic U fission. A seam plasma at 4 atmospheres self sustains, and is 8 times as energetic – and totally non toxic.

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