Monday, 8 February 2016

Not Doctors

In 2002 3 medical professors published the use of High Intensity UltraSound to clear cancer at one appointment. I found 2013, that 150 W 40 kHz ultrasound from a massage device would even clear inoperable liver cancer.
I now use the cheaper and more effective 8 W 1 MHz for ½ a minute! External application will clear all hard-body cancers. Soft-body cancers, plus all viral and bacterial infections respond to 1 minute to the lungs, and half a minute to the throat and nose.
The Hippocratic oath demanded ever registered Dr validated this work 2002. They then don't use it – instantly ceasing to be registered Dr.s. Invalidated their medical insurance – as they were no longer registered Dr.s, and had to leave medicine on their first bio-chemical prescription.
The GMC and AMA have strong financial likes to bio-chemistry, so did not enforce this Hippocratic pledge.
All Dr.s were required to abandon biochemistry – which was now defective medicine. Not to do so in horrendously criminal – killing their own patients in a horrible fashion for money.
No Dr was permitted to research bio-chemistry – so the same people who lectured the Hippocratic oath were in breach of it. So no research. And no lecturing of defective medicine.
To do so was to invalidate the Hippocratic oath of every graduating medic. Here in the UK, junior doctors are striking about pay.
Their insurance is invalid – and they can sue the medical school for the medical career they will now never have.
Jeremy Hunt MP, the health secretary should ensure the GMC remove all Dr.s who have graduated in the last 14 years. The Hippocratic oath applies all over the world.
So no foreign doctor can prescribe bio-chemistry – dating back 14 years.

All UK doctors who have prescribe radio, X-ray or chemo therapies, bio-chemical treatments or surgery is anymore a registered Dr.. All surgeons are registered Dr.s, so one cancer surgery, and they are prohibited from medicine for ever.
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Ultrasound - cancer cure

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