Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Fusion is here

A petrol engine gives out X-rays and produces Helium as it does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+Tu->He+O+E2+X-ray
The water is as steam in turbulent flow from the engine. This is nice, as it means Ti plating the inside of engine doubles the power, as the Ti plate holds onto 1 water molecule, as other steam molecules brush past it.
So the same power, for half the diesel or petrol burn. And Ti can be retro fitted. We Ti plate the engine, and tweak the carburettor or fuel injection system.
A working jet engine does the same! And in the 80s they used Ti turbine sets – loads of Face Centred Cubic Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
Now they use Nickle turbines – which run at higher pressure. But the should give the blades a Ti plate – because although the Ti will not give mechanical support, it catalyses Molecular Nuclear Fusion. This from Sheffield University 1982.
But we can do better! The modern jet engine exhaust runs at 1,200oC. Up from 800oC when I made turbine blades for INCO.
So we make a porous exhaust manifold – I would go for a ceramic exhaust, as we are going to reach 2,500oC. We pump water through the exhaust tubing, and it boils off to steam at 10 atmospheres.
We feed this into the combustion products – and it actually does more Molecular Nuclear Fusion. We make the turbine blades coated with TiO – totally ceramic. Porous in nature – to have more strength.
So as the steam passes the turbine, I does more 1. Hence our exit temperature rises to 2,500oC.
Crucially we do not have a fuel burn! So we can fly the craft in the stratosphere. We fly on the dark side of the Earth, to avoid the fatal radiation from naked solar radiation.
We can fly to the Moon – always keep to the shade. WE land on the dark side of the Moon, and now drive a Molecular Nuclear Fusion power station! As a static steam turbine.
Which condenses and recovers the used steam. We vent the he to space, and conserve the O. We burrow down, so the Moon sun rise has us safely below ground, or protected by a large magnetic field!

A super conducting field requires no external power, once stated. So we set up a manned Moon base. With an unmanned radio relay station in static lunar orbit, to communicate with the Earth 24/7.

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