Friday, 5 February 2016

Free heat

As steam passe sthrough the fire tubes in a boiler, it reaches 3,000oC, as it deos Molecular Nuclear Fusion. If we pass H gas through a tight metax helic, the temperature we get rishes exponentially with the pressure. 2 bars should give us 1,500oC. Which we can use to heat a boiler reom. We have more H tubes in a superheat room, to give us an operating temperature of 1000oC, for the steam which drive the turbine.
The H gas does hydrogen fission
1 H++e- ->n0 the hydrogen ions interact with the valency elctron for other H atoms, to give us a neutron. We do get H+ on H+ interactions
2 H++H+ ->He2+ but the these interact with the neutrons
3 He2++t n0 ->2H+ some of the neutrons end up as heat here
Our main energy system is H fission
4 H++u n0 ->Eu3+L+X-ray this heat drives the steam cycle.
We want 18,000 H fissions to run a steam cycle. H ions have a volume of 10-12. So 10-8 L will drive a 100 mW power station continuously.
We are talking about 0.025cc od regular 1H per decade! We we make via electroysis – using a miniscule current.
So we circulte the H gas through fire tubes in the boiler, then pump it back around the helix. 14 W produces a continuous 100 MW, with no CO2, or toxic radioactive waste.

We gget a H plasma in the helix – which is how the sun shines. Why the hot smoker – that is how nature uses a steam plasma to light up the dark sea: and support massive ecosystems.

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