Sunday, 28 February 2016

Clean up river water

All over the world, dirty river water flows through farms and houses, that have to buy expensive river water. Houses on the sea shore also buy in water.
To boil off water, we either add heat, or reduce the pressure! Only 1m of vacuum will cause even ice to boil away! High school physics teaches you this! High pressure desalination requires you to constantly maintain the filters, as is very expensive and dangerous.
Vacuum desalination is cheap and safe. ½ a m2 of solar panels will create ½ a meter of vacuum head – for a water vapour creation of 20m3 per hour.
So in hot countries, the solar panels provided by charities for no charge, can provide a town or village will near unlimited fresh water. The water vapour condenses as we vent it above a high reservoir.
I will provide drinking water, and the liquid water to irrigate fields. No more dependants on rain! We can suck pure water from brown or sea water.
In time the water will flow into natural river courses, to be sucked out as fresh water down the river course.
For rich countries like Saudi Arabia, they suck sea water, and transfer the vapour thro0ugh a chain of solar pumps, to the high desert!
This water will evaporate, and form clouds and rain around the world! Ending the months of drought countries like India experience.
India is now becoming a rich country itself, so can suck sea water into fresh water vapour, and transfer this inshore!
So we have ended global hunger and thirst. No more high pressure desalination anywhere! They turn the pumps around, and turn them down, so they produce 1m of vacuum.
So there water will now be 10 times cheaper.

California can set up a chain of vacuum desalination pumps, and never have to worry about a drought ever again.

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