Saturday, 27 February 2016

Cheapest and best medicine

The Hippocratic oath binds every medic to use the BEST medicine – most effective and least expensive. Medics always read 'dearest medicine'. So they applied excruciating chemotherapy – after they found it had extended the life of a cancer patient by one month.
A horrible, agonising death! 'The best medicine' gloated the medics. A 2 year agonising death! And loads of money.
Then in 2002 the Moffitt cancer entered demonstrated High Intensity UltraSound totally cleared cancer at one appointment for 0.005 cents. Medics recoiled in horror 'We are not using that – no money' they protested.
A suitable HIUS device is an ultrasound 8W 1 MHz massage device

Best medicine noted the cured patients. I suggested high power ultrasound as a novel treatment in 2001. From my PhD at Sheffield university. Which got ended – for nothing I did!
It works for all cancers, that share an overinflated nature – in order to divide and grow. Normal; cells bud off the stem cells so never divide. But cancer cells are locked out of the stem cells.
So all 200 types of cancer cured 14 years ago. Since when bio-chemistry has killed ¼ a billion patients. Or would have done without me! By now my ideas should have saved 100 million lives around the world.
So the best medicine – and nearly free. All Dr.s who have continued to research or prescribe bio-chemistry, instantly ceased to be registered Dr.s.

Invalidating their insurance: they must now return all wages paid them, and leave medicine to face criminal charges for 1st degree murder.

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