Thursday, 18 February 2016

All UK Nuclear must shut

Hinckley B was given planning consent to run until 1990. Then EDF used IT OWN engineers to give themselves an extension. This is illegal!
To extend the life of a nuclear plant, you need a full engineering inspection, by heavy engineers with no link to nuclear power. No such engineer exists. During this process the plant must cease operation.
Unfortunately thermal shock will crack 80% of the forgings. So they all have to be re-engineered.
Then the plant operators must invest 100 million in a full public planning teaming – which after Midscale, 3 Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukishima nuclear power is lost. Which is why they contravene planning laws.
Incurring ten years in jail for the plant managers, and a fine of 10 million! By now nuclear pwr have accumulated these penalties 6 times over fro 30 years, for every nuclear plant in the UK.
The power station regulator should have issued immediate stop orders every year since 1986. They incur the same penalty structure as the plant operators.
After Chernobyl, each nuclear plant required insurance of 40 billion: but no commercial insurance is available above 1 billion. The insurance must be held externally.
Since Fukishima this figure has increased to 100 billion, EDF owes a total fine of 1.2 billion. As is for ever barred from government contracts.
Hinckley B stopped being legal in 1990. So Hickey C would require a new royal commission – and EDF would be barred from the consortium. Today there is no alternative to EDF – so no new nuclear plant could be constructed.
The Chinese who bought UK nuclear has continued to operate the nuclear plants illegally, so are also barred from any government or civil work in the UK.

Invalid insurance, and all nuclear plants should have stopped in 1986.

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