Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Power for life

Is complicated – though very easy to do experiments on. We need a glass tube with exletrodes, and a steam feed line and pressure gauge.
No equations on H fission have been published. I would like my equation checking out
1 1H++r 1n0 ->Er3+L+X-ray
We could get a whole was of sub-atomic partigles, and gamma waves plus other radiation. Pluys cosmic rays. The oxygen decay is more published
2 178O+1n0 ->148C+4He
But C is a great neutron sink. But the 13C decays by emitting gamam waves. I am operating as a theatre lyricist and singer, plus video maker, presented and drama writer.
So Molecular Nuclear Fusion needs investigating – and there is unlimited SERC funding here.
H fission appears to be 32 times as exothermic by mass than u fission: And totally non-toxic. Molecular Nuclear Fusion is only 25 times.
Lightening suggest Molecular Nuclear Fusion will self sustain up to 4 atmospheres. H fission is more energetic, and should self sustain at only 2 atmospheres! Here we do experiments using a 50x1cm H gas filled tube.
3 H2+e1- ->1n0+H+e2-+EH3 EH3 is the energey equivalent of a H atom. 5.8 W.
We want a glass tube with H feed and pressure and temperature meters. Also a hindy Geiger counter – and I would site it in a water bath.
We flick the radiant tube on – but some of the electrons will be converted into radiation and subatomic carticles. The neutron will enrich H atoms, which then decay.
4 H+r n0 ->E2+L+X-ray

Totally outside anybody's experience. But the most energetic reaction in the universe. It goes on in radiant sun coroneas.

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