Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Nuclear fission illegal

Every three minute throughout the year, lightening doe Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+TU->He2++O2-+E2+X-ray
In lightenig the turbulence comes from falling rain drops colliding. In a pressurised water reactor, the turbulence comes from the boiling of water.

Nuclear Fusion By Waterfall

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So a PWR generates more heat that from E=mc2 – as it converts soome of the H2O into He, O and E2!
U fission requires planning consent. And Hinkley B's ran out in 1990. EDF has kept the plant operating illegally, as a brown field site needs a Royal commission – as prince Charle told me – by letter.
Every year of illegal operation fines the owners 10 million UK pounds. Over ¼ billion pounds. And sentances the plant managers to 10 years in jail, for every year of illegal operation.
U nuclear plants used to carry 50 million in insurance: in 1983. Then in 1986 we had Chernobyl. So PWRs required insurance of 40 billion. After Fukishima they require 100 billion.
But there is no commercial insurance above 1 billion available. So ALL UK residents are carrying the nuclear insurance for free. Even Greenpeace and CND members.
Nuclear power financially compromised the Power station Regulator – I last met in 1983. The first job, is to check the plant has adequate insurance.
So there is no legally operating nuclear plant anywhere in the world. Both Hinckley and Sizewell have been operating illegally since 1986. Sizewell had just started up – as should have been issued with immediate stop orders.
A Hinckley C would count as a brown field site: after the fine had been paid, and the plant managers locked up for life.

And now no nuclear fission plant anywhere in the world is operating with sufficient insurance. And must immediately stop.

And still I live

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I have survived a near fatal car accident in 1988. Two win! And now I write poetry and work as a folk lyricist and singer. I maintain my interest in engineering and medicine

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