Tuesday, 19 January 2016

HIUS cures MS toda

I published on the inteernet in 2013, that High Intensity applied to each sdie of the ehad, clears MS. I use 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound from a massage device purchased from amazon.
The Hippocratic oath prevents any registered Dr. doing research into diseases already cured. So all medics who have published biochemical work on MS since that date are no longer doctors.
Theri papaers must be deleted, and no patents are valid.
So all stem cell work on MS is unethical – no registered Dr. could ever do it, and no drug company could use the work. Or instantly banned from medicine for ever.
This work is based on the published cancer work from 2002. So no prescerioption of chemo therapy or biochemical treatments was ethical permiotted, since HIUS was shown to clear all cancers at 1 session.  They same for heart disease and diabetes - see this blog for details.

No cancer surgery for the last 14 years has been ethical – the lawyers will have a field day. The cases for medical malpractice are open and shut. And all surgeons are registered Dr.s, so any surgeom ever giving cancer surgery since 2002 instantly ceased to be a doctor. All surgery since then is unthical.

Intraday 000930 chart - 1 Day


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