Monday, 25 January 2016

Ending Ethiopian drought

Ethiopian is on the horn of Africa – surrounded by sea. But high pressure desalination is both dear and dangerous. So we use vacuum desalination.
Exposing sea or river water to only 1m of vacuum cause it to boil – that is how the SI units are defined. We get funds from the charatable money given to Ethiopia ever year – to cope with droughts.
The cool brine sinks back into the seas – where it does no harm. We get 50,000 gallons of pure water vapour a minute.
We can establish a chain of solar driven vacuum pumps, to carry this water vapour inshore. To a holding reservoir. We charge up batteries, to allow the pump to continue in the dark.
When we vent the vapour, it condenses and falls as pure water. Water totally separate from natural rain.
We copy the ancient Egyptians, and set up irrigation fields, and grow crops. Turning the CO2 in the air into plant growth. Which we use to feed animals.

Ethiopia becomes an important food export country. Which never has a drought.

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