Sunday, 24 January 2016

Correcting squints

In 1988 I suffered 40% brain damage in a car accident – luckily not the frontal lobes – so I could still think. So I ended up on a PhD at Sheffeild University 2000.
I figured out we could use ultrasound to stop cancers growing. The Moffitt cancer centre published the use of High Intensity UltraSound to totally cure cancer in 2002.

In 2010 read about there work – while being an urban folk lyricist and singer. I bought a 150 W 40 kHz ultrasonic massage device – operating below the power level to produce ultrasound burns. I now use a more effective 5 W 1 MHz device.
Physios use these to correct limb damage, so I applied it to closed eyes, over the lateral muscle which had been damage in my car accident. For 30 seconds.
I applied it about 40 times to closed eyers, and cured my squint. Though the ineffective eye surgery is still not totally cleared.
My photographs and brain scans are on record.  Read about HIUS

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