Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Carbon zero power

Since the evolution of photosynthessi, plant and bacterial life on the land and sea have reduces the CO2 level in the afternoon air around the world to 2 parts per million.
Man's towns and cities create 0.00004% extra CO2 every day, but the air moves to across parks or the countryside, and we are back at 2ppm: it pre-industrial level.
All academics stopped work on Global Warming as the world started COOLING from 1995. They were familiar with the carbon cycle, so only academics with untreated mental health problems everr gave room to the meanignless 'man-made climate change.
And yet people still think man has increased the CO2 level in the air. No. He has restored life to the environment.
Oil was already crashing
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The Jurassic had 65% mire life than today – the organic carbon in the environemnt limits life on Earth: ask Sir David Atanborough – a strog advocate of Climate Change, which he realised is biological nonesense. Which is why he is a TV presenter, and not a scientist.
You are concerned about CO2? A steam plasma does Molecular Nuclear Fusion – just like waterfalls.
If we take a 50x1cm glass tube, filled with Hydrogen, shining a radiant strip into it starts off H fission – which contiues until we run out of H. Each H atom ends up as 6 W of energy, and it is only 10-12m in size.
1 1H2+E1- ->21n0+H+e2-
So we convert an H atom into a neutron – a proton electron paiur, And spit oput the surplus valency electron.
Sp the electron spin around the H gas, occassionally being deflected, onto the next H atom. When it bonds with the H nucleaus, we get a bunch of neutrons.
Neutron stars are the densest form of matter in the universe. 'Black holes' are actually super compact and non radiant iron stars. That contract by a factor of 1,000 as they cease to shine.
This is why they have size and spin! Singularities could not.
So our 50x1cm H tube releases 600 kW of heat. Once sxtarted off by a blast of electrons. And the tube will use 0.05cc of regular H a decade. To supply the power fro 8,000 electrciity users.
And produce no CO2 or hyper-toxic radioactive waste. Basically for free.

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