Tuesday, 29 December 2015

North Sea fracking

I came up with the idea for using geothermal water to turn coal into methane 2004 – before fracking! I pblished the idea on the internet.
1 3H2O+C+P+T->CH4+O3+He
So my focus was on Molecular Nuclear Fusion even back them. This week Sir Richard Branson has signed up on my facebook as a friend – again.
But this time somebody is sponsoring my page on nuclear fusion. I am earning 2,000 UK pounds a month from my writing and blogging.
So the North Sea used to be covered by a huge forest – dredgers dredge up tree trucks from the Jurassic. When 85% of life on Earth died – forming deep coal deposits.
Natural fracking produced methane, which polymerises into Fossil Fuels oil.
But most of the carbon is still down there – not converted into methane.
Hence my idea of drilling a hole, and then sending high explosive to just above the geothermal river. Ground sonar will show where.
When we explode the explosive in a coal bed, the geothermal water peculates through, converting the coal into methane – via 1.
And there is so much gas, it is basically inexhaustible. We just need to0 drill new bore holes every 25 years. So free natural gas.
As we burn this, we produce CO2, that global photosynthesis turns into carbohydrates and oxygen.
2 mCO2+(n+r)H2O+Tu->Cm(H2O)n+r(He+O+Er3+X-ray)

Back to Molecular Nuclear Fusion again. So endless free natural gas. Which will increase active life on Earth, as it is burnt.

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