Wednesday, 2 December 2015

No gas

A 1m row of gas burners produce 45 kW of heat. A 50x1cm steam plasma tube produces 1200 kW. And utilise 0.023cc of regular water a year.
E=mc2 is so hug. c2=1026
Every 3 minutes around the world, there is a lightening strike. Which produce 5 tonnes of He gas – 2.5x1030 W.
So rather than burn gas, we can fill a tube with steam from a paint stripper. We use the electronics from a fluorescent light. We fire up the plasma – and above 4 atmospheres it self sustain.
So we produce the power for 350 houses. And get an annual income of 38 million: from regular water, using kit we can buy over the internet for 25,640 UK pounds – the cost is the turbine.
So turbine manufacturers are about to be so busy.
So if 1 in 35 people set up their own steam plasma plant, we will have no demand for power from conventional or nuclear power: the latter is too dangerous. It needs insurance of 100 billion – yet is allowed to operate with only 50 million.
This is so illegal – and the Power station Regulator has a legal duty to ensure all plants carry adequate insurance. But there is no commercial insurance for more than 1 billion: ERGO nuclear power is operating illegally.
We set up our steam plasma plants – doing clean H fission. Twice as energetic as Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
1 H++e- ->n0
So the hydrogen ions bond with electrons to form neutrons. These bond with oxygen ions, to cause exothermic nuclear fissions until we have 8 H ions. Each nuclear fission converts a neutron into heat – making the net process exothermic.
Then we get our big money item
2 1H++s n0 ->Es3+L+X-ray
Heat with no solid radioactive waste. The precess is so exothermic, only 3 H ions doing H fission will run a 100 MW power station continuously. With no oil or gas burn. So our street steam plasma plant will only require a minuscule volume of regular water a year. And generate a huge income.
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The people who get in first will make a hilling. Gas becomes irrelevant.

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