Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Nature doing fusion

The flow of the dee psea tides has hgih pressure water in turbulent flow, and yiels He, O, heat and gamam waves.
1 H2O+TU+O2->He+O3+E2+X-ray
It is yet another example of nature do Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
Heavy rain also does 1. Onyl this time we get the chrged ions
2 H2O+TU+O2->He2++O32-+E2+X-ray+L
So heavy rains forms He gas, orone, X-rays and heat. The positive charge collects above the cloud layer, the negative falls to the ground. We should ntoe there is no chemical source of He or X-rays, and no source of nuclear fusion.  Get my e-book
This is why heavy rain causes flash illumination. Making rain storms spookey and even heavy snow WARMS the air. So this is the free energy system the world is looking for. But this form of nuclear fusion is not easy to use.
But 5,000 V sets up a lightening down strike, and as it touches down we get the uprush of 100 amps of charge electrons – that do nuclear fusion at a bulk temperature of 1,500oC. The surface gets to 10 million oC-hence the emission of white light.
1,500oC allow us t ooperate plant at 1,200oC. The high temperatures are contained in He ions – 1 in a 10,000 of the circulating H ions.
We can fire up a steam plasma in a glass tube. We get slightly different equations.
3 xH++e- ->(x+1)n0 the hydrogen ions and electrons bond to form neutrons. Electrons and positrons would anialate – the protons and eelctrons bon t oform neutrons.
These bond with oxygen ions, to cause a fisison chain leading to 8 neutrons. This consumes four neutrons, but then we get H fisison
4 xH++TU->Er3+L+X-ray no solid radioactive waste. As we burn Fossil Fuels today, we get a steam plasma.
Oxidising the C takes in energy, but the steam plasma produces massive energy. To more than double the heat from Fossil Fuels burning, we should Ti plate the boiler flate or enegine.
So a Ti plate to a vehicle engine, will halve the fuel burn of the car for life. For F1 cars, it will double the power of the engine. Such cars will be undeatable.
BMW and Audi should use this published science on their new cars – a huge commercial advantage. If VW introduced this for their petrol and diesel cars, it could save the company.
So nature uses a steam plasma to do nuclear fusion. This si why hto smokers in the sea fire up a steam plasma – to replace sun light. With steam venting into high pressure water.
And n oscientist is actively researching this essential science.
Ligthening demonstrates a 50x12cm steam plasm will produce 1.2 MW of heat. We drive a small trubine, and generate 230 kW: OK, a mid sized turbine.
The national grid pays 3,000 UK pounds per kW year.We are looking at over 590 million UK pounds. The average celbrity can only get through 20 million in a life time.

We will supply 35 houses will power – with no CO2. This is the system Sir David Attenborough is looking for.

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