Saturday, 5 December 2015

Great Hadron swindle

This is from undergraduate physics – so every Dr or professor of physics learned it age 19.
When a proton and electron combine, they do not annihilate – an electron and positron would.
1 e-+e+ ->E3
But positrons have to be made, by impacting an electron onto a metal film. This would be a good way to get at energy. No toxic waste or CO2.
Each animation would release 12 W, but creating a positron Read about this in
So a simple H plasma does nuclear fusion. But there was no chance the linear flow around the Hadron torous would ever do nuclear fusion. And all the staff knew this, as they were extorting cash from your governments.
Now a H nuclei is basically a proton bonded to 1 or more neutrons. Which are a proton and electron in close coupling.
2 e-+xH+ ->(1+x)n0
So we convert matter into a string of neutrons. So a H plasma is a neutron star in a glass tube. At only l2 atmospheres the plasma will self sustain, releasing 8.5 MW. Oh, the equation
3 H++r n0 ->Er3+L+Ray E here is 8.5 MW from a 1m by 1 cm plasma.
Carbon zero, massive heat. I prefer a steam plasma that releases 8.5 MW from a 2m by 2cm steam plasma in a glass tube.
If we cool the exit steam on a Carnot heat pump, we can return 85% of the heat to the boiler room. So our steam turbine cycle will produce a constant 100 MW, from 19 of these tubes.
No CO2, and no hyper-toxic radioactive waste. So no Global Warming or Climate Change – but global photosynthesis pegs free CO2 at only l2 parts per million – though levels are higher aboveboard ice caps: so obviously CO2 does not warm the climate, or the Poles would be hotter than the equator.
Global Warming was devised by nuclear power – who since Chernobyl have operated totally illegally. With insufficient insurance, and in the case of Hinckley B, outside of planning permission.

Nuclear power needs insurance of 100 billion per plant. But as that level of insurance is not available – only have 50 million. So operating totally illegally.  On Amazon Kindle

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