Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Free water

We can purify all water, by reducing the pressure on it! Even ie turns int opure water vapou if we apply 1 m of vacuum head.
Sea water loses its salt, and we get pure desalinated water. Life wil love it. We can irrigate the desserts of the world.
Plants will scanvenge CO2 down to 2parts per million: its preindustrial level. So crop yield in the temporate regions will decrease – but we will end global hunger and thirst.
So there was no way Global Warming or Climate Change could be true. Each day photosynthesis turns the additional 0.0004 daily extra CO2 into active life.
The vast bulk of the land and seas do photosynthesis, with no involvement from man. Since the industrial revolution burning the Fossil Fuels has increased active life on Earth – but had no effect on the trace level of CO2 in the afternoon air – 2ppm.
Levels are higher above the Arctics, and the natural ice ages. In the 3 natural ice ages free CO2 spiked at 8ppm. Obviously a static trace ges has no effect on anthing. Academic writing paers on Climate Change, were writing paid fiction for their paymeasters in nuclear power.
No such individual should ever have been in education.
So now a little solar pump can happily turn sea or river water into pure water. And we have a chain of these pumps to tranfer the water vapour to above a high reservoir.

When we vent the low pressure gas, it condenses – forming water drogs. We can irrigate all deserts in the would. And make them lush rain forest – yet again sucking in COB.

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