Thursday, 31 December 2015

Film WW!

 The Lottery grant was for ducmentaries about the retrun of the heroes from WW1, to Salford.
We have done the 4 documentaries – which will be on YouTube once edited. Which leaves us money over.
We are getting a script written about these dark days – in 1918: I feel a bit slighted, as I write. But no experience of script writing.
I have taken direction before about singing – and write songs. Great fun. But this time I get to be a producer director.
We already have the money in the back, earning interest. M y creative writing group has gto to approve the drama.
It was the great time for female emansepation. You may have your own take on this, but we are doing documented histroy – with no personal input.

I am very excited but nervous. This will go out on blogger, so I can embed in twitter. Global input is welcome.

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