Monday, 28 December 2015

Decreasing Fossil Fuels burn

This works for gas and oil. In a steam turbine, thermodynamics dictates that we condense the steam – to produce low pressure.
There is nothing written that we must throw the heat away – but heat recovery loses 15% of the heat. So we still need to burn 1/9th of the Fossil Fuels. Who's price links exponentially with the volume sold. So oil prices will fall by a factor of 20 – to below 1974 levels.
We take off 2% of the generated power, and drive pumps to pressurise a Carnot gas. Ammonia or any pure gas will do.
When we pressurise this gas, it gets cold - -20oC. We use this gas to cool the exit steam from 700oC, to 90oC. So we end up with liquid water – the low pressure end for our steam turbine.
When we pressurise this gas, we shoot up to 864oC, going from ½ an atmosphere to 4: 1st year engineers can do the exact calculations.

So we return 85% of the heat at higher temperature. This is not perpetual motion, as we still need to add heat to make up for our loses.
We have no cooling tower. We can actually use Molecular Nuclear Fusion as our heart source.
Lightening turns regular water into He, O and massive heat.
1 H2O+TU->He2++O2-+E2+X-ray
Helium and X-rays can only be produce by nuclear reactions, and here we arse doing nuclear fusion, discarding the excess O.
In a glass tube we do H fission – twice as exothermic.
2 H2O+TU->2H++O2-+2e- dissociation
3 H++e-->n0 neutron formation
4 O2-+10e-+TU->8H+
5 H++TU+r n0->Er3+L+X-ray no toxic waste.
    Just massive clean energy. A steam plasma in a glass tube does this. A 1mx2cm steam plasma produces a constant 5.8 MW from 0.07cc or regular water a year.
This system is ideal for the home user. A 50x1cm steam plasma tube needs a pulse of electricity at 2,000 V – supplied from a crank system and weight.
I then produces 120 kW, from a volume of water we will struggle to measure. We top up the water from a spring reservoir, and top it up every decade.
We use the Carnot idea above, and can get up to 1 MW. The national grid will pay 3000 million UK pounds a year. And stop buying power from Fossil Fuels power stations.
Nuclear power require 100 billion of insurance cover. No more than 1 billion is commercially available. Even after Chernobyl they needed 40 billion of cover.
So since 1986 every nuclear plant in the world has operated illegally. But nuclear power financially compromised the legal over sight. Lawyers call this behaviour 'simple criminal fraud'. Warranting a fine of 10 million annually, and ten years in jail for the plant managers.
The Chinese bought the British nuclear plants – so are legally responsible for all the fines.
No Hinckley C will ever be built – as it could never legally start up. The fines will bankrupt China, in the way Fukishima bankrupted Japan – for ever.
Molecular Nuclear Fusion can be stopped with one tap from an electric hammer, so requires no horrendous insurance.
The insurance problem means no EDF plant any where in the world is operating legally. The Daily Express was covering the terrorism threat posed by Sellafield.
Once conventional bomb dropped by balloon, and the North of England is uninhabitable for the rest of human history on Earth. Sellafield does not generate power – but is the worst biggest store of fuel grade plutonium: the most toxic substance known to man.

We could use Molecular Nuclear Fusion to reprocess the waste and make it safe – but that would concede mankind had access to nuclear fusion.

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