Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Clean, safe, carbon zero power

This idea was thought of by Dr Z in 2001. It tells you how to do nuclear fusion on Earth. But when I started working on the idea – end of PhD!
We use electrolysis of regular water to for H gas. Now H fission is twice as energetic as Molecular Nuclear Fusion – which turns the whole water molecule into energy, light and X-rays.
1 H2O+TU->Er3+L+X-ray tu=turbulence in a steam plasma Er3=2.5x1030 W=E1. So Eh=5x1030 W for hydrogen fission
So in a H plasma we get the following
2 H++e- ->n0 hydrogen ions and electrons form neutrons. So a steam plasma acts as a neutron star, along the length of the plasma.
3 H++r n0 ->2Er3+L+X-ray massive heat, with a little light and X-rays.
So a H plasma in a tube at 2 bars, will produce a constant 2.4 MW of heat. Which a steam turbine will turn into 240 kW of electricity. See http://www.globalspec.com/industrial-directory/240_kw_steam_turbine_generators
For an annual income of 75 million pounds! So the turbine cost 0.1% of the annual income.
Zero carbon – as we have no Fossil Fuels burn. It will use 0.0012cc of regular water a year. And produce no Pt or St – no solid toxic, radiative material. So no bomb material.
But effectively free power. U fission is global toxic and very expensive. So H fission allows the home user to generate the power for 600 users. From regular water. He throws the O away, as it has high value, but would be a problem to collect and sell.

So thanks Dr Z – why did you end my PhD? We were just about to save the world from Fukuoka...

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