Friday, 18 December 2015

Ultimate ecological energy

 Is NOT U nuclea
Uranium fission is quite exothermic
1 23590U+10no ->9030Kr+14356Ba+310n0
2 23892U+10n0 ->23092U->23993Np->23994Pu
but it is hyper toxic! It produce Pt – the most toxic substance known to man. Thwe internet does not even mension Pt – but that was why the U nuclear pile was developed.
It converts 8 neutron from an atomic mass of 235 into heat. A 1/8th energy conversion.
In contrast Molecular Nuclear Fusion converts 50% of its mass. A 50x1cm steam plasma tube generates 1.2 MW – scaled down from a lighten ing strike – where a 2cm by 1km steam plasam generate 2.5x1030W. And fixes the organic nitrogen that fertilizes plant growth, that limits free CO2 in the global air to 2 parts per million. Higher numbers are biologically impossible fiction from the paid stooges to nuclear power.
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But a H plasam does 100% mass conversion. 8 times the thermal effiecincy of hyper toxic U fission.
3 H++e- ->10n0 the plasma converts H ions and free electrons into neutrons
4 H++r 10n0 ->Er3+L+X-ray clean power will no solid radioactive waste.
So 16 times as energetic, and totally clean, compared to U fission.. No Fossil Fuels burn – so no CO2 or toxic waste. We use the plant to produce its own H, from regular water. The O have commercial value too.
So no money to pollitically unstable regeims. No Uranium use. And H fission is 16 times as thermally efficient as U fission. So free, safe, clean, non toxic power. That does not even produce an time enhancing CO2.
Oh you thought CO2 accumilatred inb the air? Plants have other ideas. Any CO2 is convert BACK into biomass by photosynthesis on the land or seas.

Ask any academic they all know about the carbon cycle.
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