Thursday, 10 December 2015

Academic duplicity

We were all taught at High School, that plants took in CO2 to grow. So global photosynthesis on the ladn and seas sinks that night's CO2, to grow plants the next day.
The the Jurassic there was 65% more active life on Earth. The Jurassic ended and 85%~ of life on Earth died. In 200 years, man has burned 20% of the fossil fuels -0 increasing active life on Earth.
And photosynthesis sucks in the extra 0.0004% CO2 man has released since the industrial revolution by burning fossilised life.
A university academic only had to phone biology to be assured Fossil Fuels burnign was increasing active liufe on Earth - with no possible effect on thw weather.
And yet university physics and engineering professors wrote punded papers on Global Warming or Climate Change: in certain knowledge they were writing fiction.
And academic duplicity that has cost the developed world $60 billion in extra taxes and spurious building work.
Then in 1995, the world started cooling. But still Sheffeild University took me on fro a PhD into Global Warming – which they ened suddenly when I invoked photosynthesis. A debarkal which csot me 5,000 UK pounds – for not even a PhD.
Now reporters are writing copy about Climate Change – to try and blame the cooling weatehr on extra CO2 in the air. All the reporters fully aware there can be no such thing.
No academic works on Climate Change – the great academic work suddenly ceased as my PhD got ended.
But nobody has noticed! Academics have losty interet in this obvious nuclear fiction. All reputable Universities should retrun all spurious research money paid to them.
As all rational govenments should end the 'green taxes' – which are a financial tax on the creation of extra life on Earth.
Nuclear power is the least green industry that will ever exist – toxic to all life on Earth. Fossil Fuels burning increases active life on Earth.
No reputable newpaper can ever publish stories on m,an-made Climate Change – which is spurios fiction on behalf of nuclear power. The worst industry that will ever exist.
Ever nuclear plant needs insurance of 100 billion. But uses the fact the climate started cooling naturally 20 years ago, as an excused fro their contiuing illegal operation.

In the UK the Power Station Regulator has the legal imperative to issue immediate stop orders – as their representative told me personally in 1983. Undeinsured toxic death.

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