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St Clement's cancer cure

Ultrasound - cancer cure

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Highly intensity ultrasound 150 W 40 kHz applied externally just once will cure all the diseases of age

I 2001uggested the use of High Power Ultrasound to retrict cancer growth, and as I was doing a PhD int ochemical engineering, gavethe idea away to my medical friends: the use of ultrasound was suggeted to me by another PhD student.
It actually does Molecular Nuclear Fusion causing liquid water to boil
1 H2O+US ->He+O+E2+X-ray
The system scales erxponentially with liquid pressure – cancer cancer/vures have to be pressurised in order to grow. In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centred published the use of High Intensity UltraSound to clear cancer at one appointment. And wanted $10,000 for the equipment.
In 2010 I read about the HIUS work at Salford Royal – and put in 6 month work.
Ultrasound above 180 W 40 kHz causes ultrasound burns to body tissues. But the beauty people used 150 W 40 kHz devices to give massages. Physiothera[ists prefer 8 W 3 MHz.
So I used an ultrasound massagfe device as my HIUS equipment. Later I cahgned to a 5 W 1 MHz masage device – which turns out to be more effective.
Nuclear fusion happens above 1 W. So my 5 W device is great. Very cheap, and moreeffective than a 150 W device: but ti was already effective at clearing 100~% of cancers, ni ½ a minute of external ultrasound. No gel is required.
½ a minute of external application is effective at any cancer – though I use 1 minute for the lungs and liver.
2013 somebody brough his uncle to St Clements church: he had late stage inoperable liver cancer. So he looked a bit dubious. But he let me HIUS him.
He was in intense agony, and biochemistry had given up on him. Adn were waiting for him to die.
I cleared his pain – and cleared his cancer. The drug companies went frantic. They pressurised the church into stopping me giving free HIUS. Because 'somebody might sue'.
1 If I didn't cure the disease they could not do
2 If it didn't work, people would want their money back – for the free massage
3 The device was medically licensed, and as used by phsiotherapists. To remove his pain.
So the individual would be no worse off – and would be cured: as medically publiches in 2002.
The church agree to stop the messages. I didn't claim to be a heatlh centre. I just cleared all cancers.
Applied to the chest and kidneys, meduics publisehd 2012 the hIUS clearred cronary heart disease. Every hospital in the wordl has access to a pysiotherapist ultrasound unit, so could clear all heart disease.
The Hippocratic oath requires they stop prescribing biochemica ltreatmetns. And instead use HIUS. No academci medic can anymore do biopchemical research. As biochemistry is globally prohibited by the Hippocratic oath, take nby all registered Dr.s.
No medical school is solvent without biochemical research – so have ignored this requirement. The hippocratic oath is very clear. All the Dr.s are struck off, and all papers must be shredded.
All patents are invalidated. As biochemical patents do not apply to defective medicine. All biochemical patents are invalidated. All legal cases based on defending the now invalidate patents are void.
After all, who would wish to copy defective medicine? No registered Dr is allowed to prescribe such medicine. And nobody else could.
HIUS to the lower right of the chest totally clears all diabetes. So all biochemical treatmetns here are also prohibited medicine.
As I mentioned, type 1 diabetes only remits after 3 days. Gone for ever – no more medicien required.
And by now every diabetic doctro has read and validated the hIUS work. Yet stil lthey prescribe diabetic drugs -yielding compromised and shortened lives. Totally unethical.
Salford Royal has seen all my diabets shed the condition! And have investigated how they cured their diabetes. Yet have contiued to prescribe defective drug treatments.
Every Dr is now prohibited from working in medicien for life. And must return all saleries paid to them since 2008 – whne my first paper was published on the internet.
Fro caner doctors and researchers the situation is worser: they must return all salleries since 2002 – and face criminal prosecution.

Every mdical school read and evaluated HIUS 2002 – and tauight the Hippocratic oath; fully aware they had broken it. This is criminal behaviour.

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