Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Nuclears owe the UK serious money

Nuclear owe the UK serious money
After Fukishima every operating nuclear plant needs 100 billion of insurance: 1x109. But they carry 5x107 of insurance. Even aged Magnox plants require 0.5x106.
In the UK this is overseen by the power station regulator. They issued immediate stop orders on the 6 Magnox plants – which were restarted due to the exchange of folding green notes: lawyers call this commercial fraud.
The Jurassic had 3 natural ice ages, with 8 times the trace of CO2 in the air: my thanks to Sheffield University for the mineral analysis. They point out the radioactive dating has 5 times the statistical error of carbon dates.
And sea levels were 60 meters lower. So CO2 has no effect on the weather – particularity as global photosynthesis leaves only 2 parts per million CO2 in the afternoon air: so CO2 is a static trace gas – that by definition affects nothing.
After Fukishima every operating nuclear power plant needs 100 billion of insurance. This is not commercially available. So since 1985, the year before Chernobyl, British nuclear was privatised.
So every day has continued to be illegal operation. 30 years! Each year incurs a legal fine of 0.5 bullion – 5x108. For 30 years. 1.5x1010 UK pounds.
When even the most ardent anti-nuclear person has carried their insurance. UK taxpayers =40x106. Nuclear insurance = 1.5x1010 pounds.
So we have all given nuclear power 3x105 free insurance. So the present Chinese owners owe us each 30,000 UK pounds. And every nuclear plant is subject to an immediate stop order.
As is every nuclear plant around the world. Included every EDF plant.
Hinckley Point only had planning permission until 1990 – something the Chinese have no factored in. So 25 years of illegal operation – aside from the above factor.
So 12.5 billion owing rho the UK government and then tax payer.
And Hickey C counts as a green field site. So the contract signed by George Osborne is null and void. The UK lawyers would void it.
As Prince Charles told me, 'a new nuclear plant would require a full public enquiry' Costing 100 million before Chernobyl. And now would give a resounding 'No'. Which is why British nuclear have continued operating plants outside planning.
On its own, this would guarantee no nuclear plant would ever get planning consent again. Construction would never begin.

The lack of insurance would guarantee it would never get an operating licence. But remeber, British nuclear owes us all 30,000 UK pounds. And its operation is illegal. Dating back to 1986 – the year of Chernobyl.

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