Sunday, 4 October 2015

Irrigate the dead sea

It has been known for over a century, that a river of usually fresh water circles the Earth. But it has dissolved metals (included gold) in, and can turn sour. It is at 8.4 atmospheres, and 260oC.
We vent vent this superheated water to 8.2 atmospheres, it boils into dust containing steam. We pass this through a registered Tyson dry cleaner, and separate out the dust.
We will get Au, Ag, Pt, Fe, Cu but also Pb and As: That is why this water have never been used. But here we scrub out the heavy metals.
And can process it into ingots. The unwanted metals, like As, we bury in disused mines. And we are going to get so much gold!
Image result for gold price graph

We pass the clean steam through a steam turbine, to get power. We then condense the steam, and use the power to pump it into new river systems.
We may distribute mats of soil and seeds, or leave it to nature to gradually consume the deserts, with a new and lush environment.
Yet another carbon sink! Photosynthesis already limits global CO2 to only 2 parts per million: burnt fossil fuels end up as new plant growth within 5 minutes. More plants support more animals, and life on Earth increases – but the trace of CO2 in the global air is fixed.

We can turn the dead sea back to a lush and fertile valley.

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