Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Clearing diabetes

Diabetes is caused by an inflated viral structure left behind by an infection – that shows up on low power ultrasound scans of the pancreas. The viral structure does MF
1 H2O+US->E2+X-ray+He+O
This is just like cancer – where the viral structure is growing much more aggressively. But under low power ultrasound, we can locate the viral rumps.
Then in 2002 the Moffitt applied high intensity ultrasound externally to cancer. 5 W 1 MHz from an ultrasonic massage device is the cheapest source of HIUS -20 UK pounds from Ebay.
HIUS causes cell content boiling only in viral rumps. The Moffitt cancer centre published a 100 person double blind trial.
Medics do not use HIUS – as they can make no money from a 1 appointment total cure. So in 2013 I tried out HIUS on cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
Type 1 only clears in three days from 1 HIUS application to the lower right of the chest. Type 2 clears in 10 minutes.
We are talking cure! From 1 HIUS session. Every Dr on Earth has promised to use best medicine. We have no multi organ failure and patient death. The devices are remarkably cheap and totally effective.
I an going to send this message to X-pert Health – a diabetes outfit. I wonder if they will even reply. Totally normalised life, for 0.2 cents a time! There is no money in diabetes even more.
And every Dr on Earth has promised to use best medicine – or be struck off. This work was first published in 2008. The Hippocratic oath demands all Dr evaluate, then use new medicine.

HIUS causes the B cells to make and action the human antibody to the viral rump.

Cancer Is Cured

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