Friday, 2 October 2015

2002: Dr.s can clear cancer

For 40 years physiotherapists have published academic papers on High Intensity UltraSound clearing damaged cell on the limbs.
The HIUS causes cessated cells to fragments and be cleared by the inactive immune system.
Cancer cells divide in a single cell way – foreign to multicellular life. Viruses have the same problem. Viruses get around this by making the cell be overinflated and hard. Cancer follows this trick – it shares DNA with viruses, to over excrete endothelial growth factor – which makes the body cell inflate.

They should not be allowed to provide any service in a hospital – with the exception of providing drinks for visitors. They are certainly not allowed OT perform surgery.
A radiotherapist lamented that all radiotherapy has been stopped 2002. It made a comeback using low power ultrasound to target the radio beams.
This is still massively more expensive, and less effective than HIUS – so it is prohibited again.
So all these cancer doctors have to leave medicine totally. Luckily people can buy an ultrasound massage unit from Ebay, and clear their own diseases of age.
Applied to the chest, throat and nose for just ½ a minute this stops cancers etc.. Removing the big cash cow from medicine.
Without cancer, no biochemical drug company, or hospital and health centre, is financially sustainable.
But since 2002 GPs have avoidably killed ½ a billion people around the planet: that all would have been saved by one HIUS session. These are the most serious criminal murders in history.

They are not healers – they are premeditated killers.

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