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Moffitt cures cancer 2002

In that year it applied High Intensity UltraSound to cancer – and got a 1 appointment cure. Total cure.
Cancer has to be pressurised, to grow in a viral sort of way: It includes 6 enzymes from infectious disease. Now body cells experieince ultrasound burns at 180 W. But thoise cells are flaccid.
Cancer cells experience cell content boiling at only 90 W 40 kHz. The Moffitt medically sublished this work in 2002: since when there has been a massexodus of dotors.
So we we apply low power ultrasound to ALL cancers, we get biological Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+US->He+O+E2+X-ray
Nature is full of the production of He. Cancer mitochondria do more Molecular Nuclear Fusion than regular ccell mitochondria – so they give off high levels of X-rays.
So it was stupid that we ever used X-rays to try and distroy cancers. Around the world medics are still using X-ray therapy – though it was medically prohibited by trhe Hip;pocratic oath in the 1980s.
So we see that low poer ultrasound sets off Molecular Nuclear Fusion only in cancer cells. So the High Intenasity UltraSound pioneered by the Moffitt blows apart al cancer cells. What ever their type.Product Details
Product Details
So in 2002 the Moffitt has the 1 appointmenbt cure to all cancers. But they could make no money from it. So they went back to prescribing biochemical treatments. The best medicien from the 20th century.
But from 2002 surgery, biochemistry and radiotherapy were all defective medicine – prohibited globally by the Hippocratic oath.
The Christie cancer centre in the UK only applied defective medicine. So instantly all its doctrosa were deleteed from the medical register. Dating back to 2002.
All the familes of the 59% of patients they intentionally killed, have a court claim for deliberate corportate 1st degree murder. Against the doctor, and the private Christie hospital.
So all the doctroas at the Moffitt were also excluded from the medical register, on their first biochemical precsription. Also all its nurses! They had the cure to cancer – and instead killed their patiuents for money.
Even those that lived have a claim for the application of defective medicine. And like the Chritie has no Drs or nurses, and is barrer for ever from working in medicine. And the Moffitt had the absolute answer to all cancers 13 years ago.
Since 2002 biochemical treaments were prohibited medicine. All all prescribing doctors ceased to be doc tors, as they wrote out their first prescription! Basically all doctors in thw world.
Academics are prohibited from researchin g and teaching defective medicine. Penalty to be deleted from the meduical register.
They have helped with the global killnig of ½ a billion people. Adn must return all salleries paid to them since 2002: when they all read about and validated HIUS.
All doctros have a high powered ultrasound device – licenced for physiotherapist use. Which will clear all cancers. Applied to the top left of the chest and the kidneys, it will clear coronary heart disease.
Applied to the bottom right of the chest it will clear iabetes – but type 1 remits with a 3 day delay. So all cancers can be totally cleareed at home.

Drs and their biochemistry are paid killers. Who people trust: ½ a billion people killed by biochemistry since 2002.

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