Friday, 7 August 2015

Learning disabilities

I am still working on ADHD. It looks like it may take a course of HIUS to the head, ½ a minute a session to clear. But it is learned behaviour – so even after the biochemical cause is gone, the behaviour remains.
The people with ADHD like the HIUS, and find it calming! Watch this space fro updates.
This brings us on to the early of learning disabilities. It occurs to me we might be seeing the effect of a viral rump in the brain – left behind from infection.
This structure is the same as in cancers, heart disease, mental health problems … You get the idea. Get hold of a 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound device and apply it for ½ a minute to each side of the head.
 It has just been brought to my attention, that the prescribing medic in a mental hospital will have 1 weekly drug round – for 400 patients. This contravenes the Hippocratic oath -as the medic has no relationship with the patient.
He should have fully evaluated HIUS clearing mental health problems 2012. And the ceased all biochemical prescriptions – as HIUS clearws all mental health problems with either1 or a short course of sessions.
Rendering biochemistry defective medicine -globally prohibited. Any prescribing medic who has failed to evaluate and then use HIUS should have been struck off in 2012.

No registered Dr can ethically prescribe biochemical treatments in 2015.

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Repeat every other day for a month, and get back to me! The condition should be eased and then cleared. Somebody tell Frankie Boyle – it is not a funny area!
Below is the story of my recovery from a car accident.  The photo above is a stock photot - nothingto do with anybody I know.

And still I live

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And still I live
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I have survived a near fatal car accident in 1988. Two win! And now I write poetry and work as a folk lyricist and singer. I maintain my interest in engineering and medicine

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