Monday, 4 May 2015

Unlimited wealth

4 May 2015
                The Earth’s core is a molten sphere of heavy metals and molten rock.  $0% of the metals are gold.  Water percolates down from the seas and rivers of the Earth, until it hits the Earth’s mantle.  There it forms a slow simmer.  This does molecular nuclear fusion
1                     H2O+T+P-> He+O+E2+X-ray
High temperature water dissolves all heavy metals, including gold and platinum.  This hot water rises, and forms the source of every river on Earth – as a warm spring.  The heavy metals precipitate out, to form an ore deposit.
                For millennia man has chipped out the ores from the deep Earth.  But it is far cheaper to drill down only 10 meters, to this geothermal water. This collects in mantel pockets in places only 10 metres below the Earth’s surface.
                Geographer’s have used ground sonar to locate these mantel pockets, and even drilled own to sample the water.  Presumably they were staggered by the amount of gold and platinum they were getting, but still capped the drill hole.
                We can locate a suitable mantel pocket, and drill down and enter from below.  We then get an endless stream of super-heated water, with heavy metals in.
                We give this water a small vent, from 250oC 8.4 atmosphere to 8.2 atmospheres 240oC.  We then pass it through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner, that collects the heavy metal powers.
                Which we sell on to produce as ingots!  Just 10,000 times the annual demand FOR GOLD.  In 2000 years mankind has only mined 156,000 tomes of gold. That is two years geothermal production.  So gold is very common and basically free.  It is the 5th most abundant element on the Earth.
                We then get clean steam, ideal of power generation, with no life enhancing CO2, and no hyper toxic fission waste.  We will get as much money today from the power as the gold.
                As the gold price continues to fall, the power price will also decline by 50%.  A famer can earn 1.2 million UK pounds from one geothermal drill hole today.  He ceases to consume main power, and sell a constant 540 kW to the national grid.
                This idea is still financially attractive, when power prices collapse to 0.1p per MW hr.  Nuclear power is not economic below 2p.  They invested 10 million a year into ‘global warming’ scare stories.
                Then the world climate stared cooling in 1995.  So ‘man-made climate change’ is really natural global cooling.  Absolutely nothing to do with man or CO2.  CO2 levels can only rise is a natural i8ce-age, as there is less natural photosynthesis.
                So it the little ice-age, CO2 levels doubled!  But the in 1880, fell back to only 2 part per million.  All the science pundits were talking about 400ppm, then corrected it to exactly 200ppm.  And then gave up, and went back to real science.
                Global photosynthesis on the land and in the seas limits CO2 levels to only 2ppm.  The seas are a more effective photosynthetic organ than the land.  So higher seas would mean lower global CO2 levels.
                So higher CO2 levels happen only in  times of natural global cooling.  Utilizing geothermal super-heated steam reduces natural earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis.  And generates free power.
                A useful income stream for farmers, or people who back onto a river.  An annual income of 1.2 million, and selling 800KW to the national grid.  With no CO2 or radioactive materials.  Fission waste remains lethal for 100,000 years.
                We can render it safe, using steam plasma tubes!  Which do free molecular nuclear fusion.  A good energy system.  Free and totally clean.  But no gold ingots!
Jonathan Thomason

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