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The fusion car

3 May 2015
                Burning fossil fuels does nuclear fusion.
1              Cm(H2O)n+rO2+Tu ->mCO2+(n-r)H2O+r(He+rO3+Xray+L) l=light    Tu=turbulence
                We can be certain of this, as there sis no chemical source or light or X-rays
2              Cm(H2O)n+Tu ->mCO2+nH2O-E
                The oxidation of carbon fuels takes in energy!  It is only the nuclear fusion we do, that releases massive energy.  To double the amount of nuclear fusion we are doing, titanium plate the engine surfaces! This doubles 1, and decreases 2.
                And every scientist of earth knows about the release of X-rays nand light, and production of helium and ozone from burning fossil fuels. The amount of turbulence in the flame is critical.
                To double the energy output from a row of burners, titanium plate the boiler plate.  This is not rocket science!  The Ti plate will halve the mpg for the life on the vehicle, for the same power.
                Nature has a better way!  It uses the turbulent flow of high pressure water of steam
3              H2O+O2+Tu ->He+O3+E2+L+Xray
                THIS IS WHY VOLCANIC ERRUPTION IS PRECEDED BY VENTIG STEAM!  Geographers have recorded the producing of He O3 and X-rays, but have never explained it.  It is nuclear fusion in action!
                When the air temperature is -50oC.  Tsunamis are driven by underwater Earthquakes, which also produce He and X-rays.
                There is no chemical source of visible light.  So photo luminesce is only possible as biology does 2.
                Photosynthesis is a type of biological molecular nuclear fusion
4              mCO2+(n+r)H2O+Tu+UV ->Cm(H2O)n+r(He+O+L+Xray)+Lb
                Water flows around the photoblast in a turbulence fashion.  It produce a faint blue light, but uses UV light to power photosynthesis.  So this is the major source of oxygen, and is the source of most carbohydrates of Earth.
                Bacteria use fluid turbulence in the deep, in place of sun light.  The deep water produces light flashes, and X-rays.
                So oxygen is the greatest pollutant of earth history.  Life expands, until there is only 2 parts per million CO2 left in the air!  It preindustrial level.
                In the Jurassic, the level was 4 parts per million.  There was 65% more life on Earth. Resultantly sea levels were 60 meters lower.  The mass extinction at the end of the Jurassic and Creatatious tied up CO2 as fossil fuels. Hence we live in a time of denuded carbon.
                There were 3 ice ages in the Jurassic – caused by solar emission cycles. Outside man’s control.  So more life, and lower seas.  Generally warmer weather, except during the natural glaciations.
                As I was taught in the 1980s, the next one is overdue.  It seems to be here.  This was the worst April of my life.
                Pundits protest it is the 5th warmest on record.  Rubbish!  If manmade climate change was correct, every year since the industrial revolution should have been warmer than every year on record.
                Yet 2010was the coldest winter in the Northern hemisphere for 200 years!  Who remembers winter 1956? (I may have the year slightly wrong. I was not born then)
                Which started off scientist talking abbot the next ice age, which continued until 1986, when Uranium nuclear experience Chernobyl.  And they are promoting the biological nonsense, that man’s CO2 would warm the global air.
                Global CO2 has been static since before industry: Though life on Earth has expended, as we have burned the fossil fuels!
5              Cm(H2O)n+P+T ->CmHn+nO-E
                So life became the fossil fuels.  As we burn these, nature creates extra life from the additional CO2 within 5 minutes.  So all the pundits talking about man-made climate change are nuclear stooges, unfamiliar with high school biology.
                Nulclear power from uranium is the most toxic process that will ever be allowed onb Earth.  Causing intermittent toxic death across continents!  Even when done by the Japanese, the mostr technically adept nation on Earth.
                Lightening is very interesting.  Heavy rain does
6              H2O+T+O2 ->He2++O32-+L+X-ray+E2 Positive charge collects above the cloud layer. Negative charge falls to the ground
                Again geographer’s have notwed the production of light flashes, X-rays and production of helium and ozone.  So heavy rain acts as fusion driven battery.
                When we get a potential of 5000 V, a paritial steam plasma links up electron holes in the air, forming a 1.5 kn structure in the free air.  This takes ½ MW of power  This is 5.8 MW/m.  Totally carbon free, cost free energy.
                So we fire up a steam  plasma in a glass tube, and get a constact 5.8 MW at 4 atmospheres.  Each hydrogen atom converts in 6 W os power! From a structure 10-12 m3 ibn size.
                10ccs of regular water will drive a 100 MW power station for a decade, off 8 stem plasma tubes.  3 is we condense the cteam on the cold end of a Carnot heart pump, and lose the heat to the boiler via the hot end of the pump. We take in heat at 120oC. Amd lose it a 740oC.  Using 18th century science.
                So we remove the need to burn overprices oil or gas.  And tiotally remove the desire to do hyper toxic uranium fission.  The plasma does hydrogen fission
7              H++e- ->n0           The hydroge ions bopnd with the free electrons, to form neutrons
8              H++r n0 ->1+rH+ ->E3+L+X-ray
9              O2-+s n0 ->16+sO2- ->16H++24e-+E                then 16x7
                Each of the nuclear fission of the pight elemeents, ending up with hydrogens, converts one or more neutrons into energy, making each nuclear fission exothermic.  But the major energy release comes as we convert the hydrogen ion into heat, light and X-rays.
                So no solid radioactive waste toe spray about the continent, as we creat massive death.  And your beating heat does molecular nuclear fusion as it beats!
10           CO2+H2O+Tu ->He+CH4+O+E2+X-ray+L
                So as I said at the top of this article, there is no chemical source of X-rays or helium.  So every biological organism on Earth does molecular nuclear fusion – the free energy source of nature.

Jonathan Thomason

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