Friday, 22 May 2015

Nuclear fusion on Earth

22 May 2015
                All over the Earth, the most powerful events are powered by steam or high pressure water in turbulent flow:
1              H2O+T->He2++O2-+E2+Xray
                There is no chemical source of Helium or X-rays.  They are only emitted by nuclear fission and fusion.  There is no source of fission, so we are doing nuclear fusion.  Here molecular nuclear fusion, the combination of hydrogen ions.  We do see nuclear fusion from ammonia around ammonia refineries.  But the Molecular Nuclear Fusion from water molecules is the most important.
                We see this is the deep sea curents, here the production of ozone above turbulent sea water.  Also a massive energy refelease around venting steam – just before an eruption or Earthquake.
                Thi is how to prevent Earthquakes.  Use ground sonar to locate steam filled magma chambers along tectonic boundaries.  Drill down, and vent this steam.  I wouls use a seam turbine, to generate free electricity.
                Around dormant volcanoes, we use the same idea.  To vent the steam from the driving magma chamber.
                We should use this idea along the San Anreas fault, to stop the next Big One.
                We can easy fire up a steam plasma in a gl;ass tube.  There is a lightening strike everty 3 minutes around the Earth throughout the year.
                Each strike generates 5.8 MW/m of lightening bolt.  In a glass tube we do some different science.
2              H++e- ->n0
3              1H++r n0 ->1+rH+ ->Er3+Xray
4              16O2-+s n0 ->161H++24e-
                We compress the matter, to convert the hydrogen ions and free eelectrons into neutrons.  These cause the oygen oins to fission into more hydrogen ions
                The neutrons convert the hydrogens into pure energy, light and X rays.  There si no chemical soure of visible light or X rays.  So we convert the water into the energy equivalent of 18 hydrogens.
                Infinate clean free power.  With no solid radioactive waste.  And one we have built the plant, the regular water is the only inproduct.  And is free.  A 1x50 cm steam plasma tube at 4 atmospheres will drive a generator to supply 8 houses with power.
                They cost $500 over teh internet, nad will generate free power for a decade.
Jonathan Thomason

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