Friday, 8 May 2015

Killing 1/10th of Britain

8 May 2015
                Every serving Dr on Earth has taken the Hippocratic oath.  Promising to apply best medicine irrespective of finances.  But in 2002, the Moffitt cancer centre  cured prostate cancer using High Intensity UltraSound.
                I have found practically that 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound applied externally is HIUS.  And will clear all cancers, heart disease and diabetes.  For heart disease, apple the HIUS to the top left of the chest and the kidneys.
                The Moffitt published a 100 individual double blind trial in 2002, but deleted it in 2010, as they realised an ultrasound massage device was a HIUS unit, costing only £25.  They wanted $10,000 for a HIUS device.
                The Hippocratic Oath prohibits GPs from deleting true medical data!  They worked on high intensity focused ultrasound, until they became aware HIUS was more effective.  The Middlexsex Hospital is still working on it.
                A HIUS unit will clear all 200 cancers out there – as every registered GP confirmed 2002:  The Hippocratic oath demands it.  There is no point taking a professional oath, if you do not keep to it.
                The penalty is clear:  All the offending GPs are deleted from the global medical register.  This applies to 98% of Dr.s.  Who are instantly excluded from the health sector.
                The GMP is part funded by the drug industry, so has permitted researching, teaching and prescribing biochemical treatments.
                All these activities are precluded by the Hippocratic oath.  So the GMC itself is now stuck off.  This is important, as since 2002 400 million people around the globe have died in agony, or suddenly, or via multiorgan failure.
                The devices are fantastically cheap and effective.  ½’s application to either side of the head clears mental health problems!  So likely would have saved your son.  As known by the attending NHS Dr.s, who over saw you son’s death.
                These are serious criminals!  Who have seen NHS funding increase ever you, while the have supervised the deaths of a 10th of Britain.

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