Monday, 25 May 2015

Cancer is conquered

25 May 2015
              Cancer, heart disease and diabetes all respond to High Intensity UltraSound.  The cheapest and most convenient form of HIUS is at home.  Using a 5 W 1 MHz ultrasonic massage device, to totally clear the infection.
                For cancer 30 seconds externally to the affected organ, or to the lungs for soft body cancers.  Statistics are very hard to find.  They usually stop 2011 or 2012.  So people are curing their own caners, with no recourse to the Dr or hospital

Lung cancer rates vs smoking rates
Rates of certain other cancers have fallen too – notably those linked to certain infections. For example, stomach cancer is much less common than it used to be, most likely because of changes in the way food is prepared, and falling rates of infection with H. pylori (a bacterium that increas
                Cancer was the big cash cow of health services, so they are never going to admit it is being cured routinely.  How rather than three dedicated wards, cancer only requires 4 beds in a general medical ward.
                The only people dying are using biochemical treatments prescribed by the GP.  But ever GP has promised to apply best medicine.  And since the Moffitt  published the use of High Intensity UltraSound in 2002 – totally clearing the cancer at one appointment, all biochemical treatments have been globally prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.
                And Dr prescribing biochemistry is instantly removed from the medical register.  And owes 10million dollars for each avoidably death they have helped cause.  They are no longer permitted to operate in the Health System.
                Diabetes is caused by an inflated structure left behind by a viral infection: just like cancer is a limit dividing post-viral structure.
                I tried out HIUS on a diabetic friend of mine, and was staggered when he got a 3 day remission from the condition.  ½ a minute totally clears the condition for ever!  Just like cancer, it is also trivial to clear.
                Heart disease is also caused by an inflated bacterial plague, and the first papers of using HIUS to clear heart disease appeared in 2008.  From that date, no biochemical treatment was ethically permitted.
                Prescribing Dr.s have committed cumulative first degree murder on their patients, for their own financial benefit.
                Medics published the use of HIUS to the top left of the chest and the kidneys to clear all coronary heart disease in 2012.
                The year biochemistry hit a brick wall!  It was globally prohibited.  But is still being prescribed by medical murders.
                So the 2st century sees the end of biochemistry.  But since 2001 it has caused 400 million avoidable global deaths.  Facilitated by registered doctors, the biggest mass murders in history.  Not one has defended their actions.
                All registered doctors who all about the efficiency of HIUS.  And have given a solemn oath to use best medicine, but then don’t.  Dr.s no more!  Going back 13 years.  They have killed your friends and family, and may even be killing you!
                Medics make much play about 100 patient double blind trials.  But three medical professors at the Moffitt published the use of HIUS to clear cancer in 2002.  And Dr.s just ignored it:  for their own financial gain.
                Such a trial only applies to biochemistry.   Where 60% of medical problems are caused by biochemical cross reactions.  HIUS does not need it!
                The devices are medically licenced, and in my and my colleagues experience always work.  If they did not work, the patient would be no worse off!  But it my experience it will even clear asthma: apply for 1 minute to the lungs.
                80% of cancers are lungs cancers.  The massive decline is not due to biochemistry!  Which is designed to cure nothing.  3 years ago Cancer Research trumpeted that 50% of cancers were being cured.
                Then realised the plunge in cancer rates had nothing to do with biochemistry or cancer research.  The only people dying from cancer today are taking the biochemistry prescribed by the murderous doctor.
                Borrow an ultrasound massage device, and be cured.  By the way, lungs cancer were 80% of the cancers out there.
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