Sunday, 3 May 2015

Bolton School Curing cancer

3 May 2015
                This idea was medically proved in Florida in 2002:  Since when every registered doctor on Earth knows about it, but insists on prescribing biochemical treatments – which are usually fatal with 2 years.        
This idea will clear all cancers in one appointment.  We utilize high powered ultrasound.  I worked in metallurgical ultrasound during my master’s degree at Sheffield University.
                When we apply low power ultrasound (5 W 40 k Hz) to a cancerous organ, only the cancer cells emit X-rays
1              H2O+US->He+O+E2+Xray
                The process sales exponentially will cell pressure.  And in order to divide and grow in a single cell fashion, cancer cells, like viruses’ and bacteria must be pressurised.
                Regular body cells bud off the stem cells, but DNA altered cell are locked out of this system.  This is the defining characteristic of virus cells – they have to be pressurised.  This trait carries across to cancer cells, which share 6 enzymes will infectious disease.
                Diabetes are coronary heart disease share this non-native structure.  I commented on this during my PhD in 2001, but then got busy writing songs and singing on stage.
                In 2010 I read a cancer charity magazine at Salford Royal, and discovered that the world leading Mo0ffitt cancer centre had use high power ultrasound to cure prostate cancer at one application.
                I wrote a book on this idea: ‘Thomason cancer’.  Through practical experiment, I found the beauty people had medically licenced a 150 W 40 kHz ultrasonic massage device.  Applied externally for 30 seconds this will clear any cancer.
                I have use 1 minute of the High Intensity Ultrasound to clear late stage inoperable liver cancer.  We are trying an 8 W 1 MHz device out on a lady in a hospice.  I feel this is too late.
                I now utilize a 5 W 1 MHz massager.  THz power level must be above 1 W – the strong atomic force for hydrogen atoms. But the 5 W devices appears to be more effective.
                Medics have also published the use of HIUS to the top left of the chest and the kidneys, to clear coronary heart disease in just 1½ minutes.
                I am talking to BUPA today, about using HIUS to cure all infections speedily. This will stop the formation of cancers, heart disease and diabetes.
                In my church health group, I found all diabetes responded to HIUS to the bottom rid of the rib cage, over the pancreas.
                Be warned that type 1 takes 3 days to clear, after 1 HIUS session.  Whn I was at school, there was a special table for diabetics.  Now we can cure them, in the nursing office, with no biochemistry.
                A school can us such an ultrasound device, to cure all infections.  Be warmed, the individual will feel up well for the next 4 hours.   Then they will be totally better.
                Buy my book, and use me idea to cure all pupils, and family members at Bolton school.  I would suggest a charge of £5.
                £20 to non-Bolton School people.  I am not driving today, as it was costing me a fortune, and  do not need to drive.  My pop group have transport to our singing gigs.  I left school in 182. My father 1958 – I think!  He was called Brian William Thomason.
                I have written up my PhD work, also on ‘thomason fusion’
Jonathan Thomason       117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays Greater Manchester            M50 3XQ T/F 0161 848-07511 080 095

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