Sunday, 31 May 2015

Best medicine

30 May 2015

                My idea of 2004 was to give somebody with HIV a drip of IL-2&4.  Which would make and action the human antiviral to totally clear HIV in one course of pills.
                The lack of cell damage means you could catch HIV again, and need another course of the antibody pills.  The sort of world leading medicine that goes down in the history books.
                My recent work suggests one session of High Intensity UltraSound will lead to the fragmentation of all invasive viruses egg 30s of 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound to the lungs).  This does not require any medical involvement, as is happening.  So the opportunity for world leading science is ebbing.
                The same ideas also apply to cancer:  Though here we apply the ultrasound externally to the cancer.
                My drip of IL-2&4 would produce the cancer specific antibodies:  which includes the pathogen base.  These 6 enzymes are used by all viruses as well.  We can produce these enzymes as a drip: linked to heat shock protein.
                One such drip will provide virus and cancer protection for 40 years.  We will see the emergence of a new pathogen base after 5 years.
                So every 5 years we will sell 10 billion courses of these drugs.  Stopping infections and cancers around the world.
                World leading science.  HIUS will clear developed cancer, potentially.  Until the pathogen base evolves.  Thus it is better to stop cancers forming.

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