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Ultrasound is 100% cancer cure

18 April 2015
                To grow in the human body, cancer cells after he overinflated and hard.  To induce the body cell to divide in a viral sort of way.  It also he home needs some viral genome!
                The same argument applies to the structures that cools coronary heart disease and diabetes.  For coronary heart disease the bacterial plaque, so the fatty sheaths around the coronary arteries all the kidneys.  One half minute application of high intensity ultrasound will clear them.
                In my experience 5 W 1 MHz, or 150 W 40 kHz, or >1.5 W 3 MHz are all HIUS-‘high intensity ultrasound’.  My clears the diseases of age at one session.
                Thus rendering biochemical treatments are defective medicine!  They cure nothing.  And kill the patient in a horrible fashion.
                Diabetes is caused by a viral rump located in the pancreas.  All again around the kidneys.  HIUS will clear this structure!
                Every registered Dr. Has promised to evaluate and apply best medicine.  The hundred patient double blind trial only applies to Bio chemical treatments.  Which are very random he nature!
                HIUS-high is have published means of action.  It causes cell content boiling in pressurised cells.  At power levels benign to the more flacid body cells.  Ultrasound induces biological molecular nuclear fusion
1              H2O+US ->He+O+E2+Xray
                This is a source for the X rays medics used to display the presence of cancer cells.  They do not this technology in 1860.  But physical science and the started learning about radioactivity with the work of Marie Curie and her brother.  In 1903.
                So this meant that medics used black science!  They knew that cancer it gave off X rays which exposes photographic film, but they have no special understanding.
                There is no biochemical source of X rays!  And nature does molecular nuclear fusion down to -20° C in arctic fish.  No 10,000,000°C!  This is a product of nuclear fusion, not the requirement.
                So medics have 1000 and her to nuclear fusion on earth.  Very clever stuff.
                Then in 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre demonstrated that high intensity ultrasound will clear cancer.  No details given.
                Body cells experience deep tissue burns above 180 Watts 40 kHz.  Hence I used 150 W 40 kHz device-medically licensed for beauty therapy.  It transpires that it cleared wrinkles, the weight gain of age, hair loss, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, iBS, asthma, arthritis and the other diseases of age.
                When I was trying the device to have practically, life and he would clear Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS, schizophrenia and depression.  The ultrasound applied externally for ½ minute to each side of the head.
                He is a nice physical cures!  The cell expenses heating, and above 60° C is biologically dead.  Have a 120o C it fragments explosively.  Inducing an immune action to clear the cell type throughout the body and brain.
                Every registered Dr. on earth has promised to evaluate and apply best medicine.  Not to wait for 100 patient double blind trial-that is applicable only to Bio chemistry.
                The Moffitt published hundred individual double blind trial 2002.  But deleted 2010-in direct contravention to the Hippocratic oath.  The cheapest source of HIUS is an ultrasonic massage device.  Which are amazingly enough are medically licensed to be benign to body cells.
                So a Dr. Can applying ½ minute of HIUS externally to the cancer.  And not harm body cells!  Or interfere with any biochemical treatment.  And the HIUS will clear the cancer!  Nurses say ‘he cannot possibly work!’.  In my practical experience it does.
                And every medic on earth has promised to evaluate and use the technology.  So every medic on earth no knows the first repeatable total cure to all cancers.
                Applied to the top left the chest and the kidneys it clears coronary heart disease.  Other heart disease requires high us to the heart body externally.
                HIUS to the bottom right of the chest and the kidneys clears here medically induced diabetes.  No side effects!  That is a critical part.
                HIUS will not harm body cells.  It is totally transparent to Life Systems.  And he is the 100% cure to all cancers out there.  There is a startling no point in cancer research!  Bio chemistry is designed to cure nothing.
                It will never cure cancer.  All money wasted on biochemical treatments, Is totally wasted.  There was no they are any possibility he would work.  If he might have done, biological drug companies would never have invested money in it.
                Always to be seen to be researching cancer.  Really just killing people in a horrible way!  They in 2002 the world’s first totally repeatable absolute cure to cancer emerged.
                13 years later, drug companies are still fighting to suppress the uptake of the technology.
                But the Hippocratic earth demands that every medic evaluate and uses HIUS.  But none of them do, the penalty is quite explicit: the Dr. is struck off medical registers all around the world.
                They receive 25 years in jail for each avoidable death biochemical prescriptions produces.  And a legal fine of $10,000,000 for each death.  Prescribing doctors have accumulated a millennia in jail, and a $1,000,000,000 legal fine each.
                The is a most serious psychopaths in history.  These are not super ethical caring professionals.  They are of money hungry psychopathic killers.  Feel free to argue with me!  No Dr. has ever bothered.  Which is almost tragic.

Jonathan Thomason

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