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Replacing diesel

6 April 2015
                Injecting diesel oil and air into an internal combustion engine, produces hydrocarbons in turbulent flow.  This does molecular nuclear fusion.  During my Ph.D in 2000, I was told that water would diesel!  Just as I started working on molecular nuclear fusion.
The turbulent flow of diesel vapour produces a spark.
1              CmHn+Tu ->mC+n/2He+E2+Xray
                We then get the oxidation of carbon in the rain hydrocarbon to form carbon dioxide!  And if we do not have enough oxygen, diesel run smoky!
                Amazingly enough, engineering departments in every university in the world knows about the production of X rays from the diesel engine.  The E2 acts as a point of ignition-the spark.
                Actually oxidising the hydrocarbon fuel takes in energy
2              CmHn+pO2 ->mCO2+nH2O-E
                So really we want to avoid utilising the hydrocarbon fuel.  As I said, in 2000 and another Ph.D student had told me that water would diesel.
3              H2O+Tu ->He2++O2-+E2+Xray       E2= 5.8 W/molecule of water
                A co2 are only needs 25 kilowatts treatments and if also are on the motorway.  And the hydrogen ions have a volume or 10-12 L.  So we need to years 1.2x10-9 L of fuel in every cycle.
                1.2 micro litres.  We will struggle to measure such a small volume.
                There is actually an easy way to double the fuel four forms of petrol and diesel cars.  We titanium plate the inside surfaces of the engine block and cylinder head.  This will double the amount of 1 we do.  This science was taught to me at Sheffield University in the 1980s.  Why have carbon the factors never used this science?  Is published science.
                A diesel inject the fuel or six atmospheres into the cylinder at maximum compression.  In a turbulent fashion.  The work is already done!
                We stop injecting diesel, an inject regular water.  Out of the exhaust cancer inert helium and oxygen gases.  The oxygen atoms are formed oxygen molecules.  Present diesel engine’s produce ozone, as a free radical oxygen gas was and oxygen molecules.
                This is not a very pleasant gas.  Was it demonstrates conclusively that we are doing molecular nuclear fusion.
                By injecting regular water, we are avoid the need for the entire family combustion of the hydrocarbon: this takes in energy!  We would rather do something on damages fusion energy.
                And heat is using to produce a water diesel.  In the car workshop can validate that water would diesels in the lunch hour.
                I am not sure about the injection pressure.  Titanium plating the cylinder body will again double the energy produced.  Ti plating the present diesel engine for more than double its power.
                So a 200 UK pounds electro plate will double the MPG we get from the present diesel engine and this was science published in the 1950s.
                So we tweak the fuel injection system, to hold the at diesel fuel we inject.  During the same lunch hour we can validate the water diesel.  Just so stunningly simple!
                Ever we have regular water, and get more energy than a present hydrocarbon diesel.  All the hard science has already been done!  I am sorry I do not get to work, five Ph.D. student 14 years ago.  But Sheffield University suddenly ended my PH D for no reason.
                According to legal charter has established Sheffield University, I have the right to a full written explanation within six months.  A year later I got are you are suggesting he was too sure PPM Tom incident.
                Happened as I was in bed for my girlfriend at 180 miles away.  No more details have ever been forthcoming.  Roman lawyers were saying a had a water tight alibi.  Sheffield has an excellent law department.
                This means since 2001, all degrees awarded by Sheffield University are invalid.  The students are entitled to full reimbursement of their tuition fees-along with punitive damages.
                I started working on nuclear fusion, at the behest of my Ph.D supervisor.  Well as drove over to Sheffield, he was not allowed to supervise Ph.D.s any more.  Annanot by a water for five years.  He suggested the importance of the turbulent flow of hydrogen do nuclear fusion.
                I think he was embarrassed by her clever he had been.  I decided molecular hydrogen was an excellent starting point the nuclear fusion on earth.  As atomic hydrogen does not exist in nature.
                For petrol CmHn has m=16.  For diesel m=12.  For water each molecule contains two atoms of hydrogen.  So we don’t actually need combustion.
                We neither turbulent flow of hydrogen ions, even in molecules of hydrogen.  The hydrogen ions to choose from the molecule centre.  So we get loads of hydrogen on hydrogen interactions.
                And we get our diesel spark.  Which causes more fusion reactions in the cylinder
4              H2O+Tu+E ->He2++O2-+E2+Xray
                With enriched uranium, the nuclear fission coals by a neutron, causes an avalanche of other nuclear fission reaction.  Resulting in the production of the most toxic radioactive substances known to man.
                On the earth’s mantle, we have the turbulent flow of high pressure water-that is filtered down from the seas and Rivers of the earth.  That circulates around the earth, and years and a slow simmer.  That gives us our turbulence.
                So we do loads of 4.  That tops up the radioactive nature of the earth’s core.  Otherwise the earth’s core would have solidified three billion years ago.
                And we would no longer have a molten core and then earth’s mantle.  So the earth’s interior would no longer do molecular nuclear fusion.  No earthquakes, and volcanoes or tsunamis.
                But every biological organism on earth does molecular nuclear fusion
5              CO2+3H2O ->CH4+He+3O+E2+L+Xray
                The production of helium and X rays, and light flashes from the deep is on geographical record.  The air was core shines like a little son.  Plant photosynthesis pills methane ions.
                That bond with water molecules to form hydrocarbons.  Animals also have the form of biological molecular nuclear fusion.  So life on earth is a result of the nuclear fusion going on in biological organisms.  And throughout the natural environment.
                He each year nature gets 1040 W of energy from the nuclear fusion on earth.  It only gets an unfocused 1060 W from direct sun light.  Most of which falls on barren land, and goes to waste.
                I have published before the most useful form of molecular nuclear fusion.  That causes the energy production of lightening.  A 1m partial steam plasma releases 5.8 MW.  As demonstrated by every lightning strike around the earth.
                Every 3 minutes heavy rain does enough 4, to build up a potential difference of 5000 volts beating the cloud tops and the ground.  The helium ions carry the positive charge to above the clouds layer.  As ask the earth’s feeble gravity.
                The positive charge falls to the ground.  As the naked free radical oxygen ion forms the charged ozone molecules.
6              O2-+O2 ->O32-
                Then we get a lightening down strike!  A partial steam plasma that makes up electron holes between the cloud tops and the ground.  This takes ½ MW of power.  Supplied by the rain storm.
                As it touches down we do 4 big time.  And the 1.5km partial steam plasma releases the five tonnes of helium ions.  Which gives us an energy release of 5.8 MW/m.  Without any fuel combustion.
                Producing no solid radioactive waste.  Just massive clean and essentially free energy.  How nature utilises?
                We want 10 2m steam plasma tubes to run 100 MW power station.  With a Carnot heat pump to recycle the energy the use steam to the boiler room, we only need three.  And a thimble full of regular water a decade.
                No oil or gas burn.  No enriched uranium, or production of hyper toxic radioactive waste.  In a confined tube the helium and oxygen ions bond with the neutrons formed by the interaction of hydrogen ions and electrons.
7              H++e- ->n0
8              1H++r n0  ->E3+L+Xray     the nuclear fission of hydrogen ions.  No solid toxic radioactive waste.
9              16O2-+Xray+s n0 ->16H++26e-         then 16x8
                So a steam plasma acts as a damned hydrogen plasma.  A naked hydrogen plasma does creates two much energy.  We are better off using a steam plasma.
                Evaluating a steam plasma will take the engineers at a Power Factory in lunch break.  And then all gas and oil burning can be replaced!  And obviously uranium fission tubes will no longer be used.
                On the system is basically free!  Once started the full selection sea at 2000 volts.
                We can utilises this system to drive a vehicle.  A 50cm steam plasma tube will generate a constant 2.9 megawatts.  Too much heat!  We only want a 25cm steam plasma tube.
                Immersed in a water boiler.  Driving a captive generator.  Our tube will generate 1.5MW of heat.  That will generate 180 kW of electricity.
                A 4 door family car travelling at the mentally and the requires 25 kW.  If we use my Carnot heat pump, to cycle work the heat of the spent steam, we have a should generate over 820 kW.
                And liberate no heat to the environment.  To make the steam cycle work, we have to condense the steam.  But the Carnot heat pump the does this energy to the boiler room.  A smaller volume of higher temperature gas, as the pressurise the gas.
                This is away your fridge at home works!  We take in there for each heat into a low pressure cold gas.  Which we then pressurise, and lose the heat at higher temperature by a radiator at the back of the fridge.
                So we pump heat around.  Rather than throw the heat away to the environment, we can use the same idea for power generation.  We retrieve 85% of the system heat.  Which means we only need to supply 15% percent of the thermal energy.  Once the system he started.
                So we drive our vehicle around, utilising only ¼ thimble full of regular water in a lifetime of the vehicle.  May be a full thimble for a lorry.  We never need to visit a service station.
                We utilise a decent science battery, to start the steam plasma cycle and wish to drive the vehicle.  We do not supplied any electricity to drive Electric Motors on wheels.  I think starting the cycle is too protracted.
                So we stepped down the plasma pressure, to tick over mode-when not driving the vehicle.  Then he will take 10 seconds for four Parthere man wish to drive the vehicle.
                All the oxygen and helium ions interact with the neutrons produced from the hygiene ions and electrons, and fission away into pure energy.  Matzinger is such a dense form of energy.
                So we have no exhaust.  And we deftly produce no carbon dioxide.  Or hyper toxic radioactive waste.  We should produce massive energy.  The light and low power X rays are of no consequence.
                So we turn on the car, and 10 seconds later we can drive a motorway at 70 miles per hour.  Without any need to visit a service station.  There will be no utilisation of petrol or diesel oil.  And the amount of water we consume is totally inconsequential.
                The windscreen washer bottle will contain enough water to drive the car for 1000 years.  So no petrol or diesel use.  No money to the politically unstable Middle East.

Jonathan Thomason

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