Monday, 13 April 2015

Repairing the liver and kidneys

13 April 2015
                I have proved practically that this idea will repair the liver once.  I rather doubt that he will work continuously!
                We apply 5 W 1 MHz externally for a minute to the defective liver.  As is usually being damaged by the result of alcohol abuse.  We need to do it at least five times!
                This is why I think engineers repair will not work!  There are limits to the damage we can Ruthare using ultrasound.  The technique has been medically published by physiotherapists for 30 years.
                The Cesstated cells fragment and are cleared by the immune system.  As a more compact cell structure experiences cell content boiling.  The cell are clearsed and replaced by the local stem cells.
                So we clear liver cells, and you are the cells form and are dumped into position.  There cells are small!  The gradually grow back to the adult size.
                We can also do the same for the kidneys.  My working on coronary heart disease and diabetes suggests that HIUS can clear abnormal cells.  And also clear damaged cells.
                We end jaundice and liver failure.  Without any biochemical treatment.  Dialysis is a very inferior idea.  I have a friend with a virus liver damage, who will be dead in two weeks in diocese.
                He isn’t my close friend.  Or hospital staff would never allow me to save his life.  Even by curing them a treatment that is totally benign and harmless to the body.  Varying instead that he should die in biochemical hell!
                These are not nice people.  What are they doing in nursing?  If there were nice people, they would borrow the higher power physiotherapist ultrasound device and apply it themselves to his liver and kidney/
                Is has been medically proved that such a course of action will clear cancers.  Yet nurses are still supervising the excruciating death of cancer patients.  The device that could save the lives is in the nearby office!
                Somebody explain this!  It strikes me as the most callous murder.  For money.  !%) W 40 KHz ultrasound also works.

Jonathan Thomason

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