Sunday, 5 April 2015

Physics doing fusion

5 April 2015
                Any high school physics department can do nuclear fusion.  They want a 1m x 1cm glass tube.  They charge you with a steam from a paint stripper.  And use the voltage electronics from a fluorescent light to fire up the plasma.
                They will then need a minuscule amount of water to replenish the plasma pressure.  Supplies using them tiny power, they had a hypodermic needle and level of the glass tube.
                No we have hydrogen ions and free electrons in turbulent flow.  These combine to form neutrons.  The neutrons enrich the other hydrogen ions.  Which undergo nuclear fission into light, heat and X rays.
1                     H++e- -> n0
2                     1H++r n0 ->1+rH+->L+E2+Xray
Oxygen ions combine with the neutrons, to recover enriched.  And undergo nuclear fission into 16 hydrogen ions.  Then we do 1&2 again.
                No massive Great Hadron Collider!  Just 5.8 MW of heat from regular water.  With no solid radioactive waste.  We drive a captive steam cycle, and produce free energy.  The Great Hadron Collider was the worst waste of research budgets ever.
                They have just installed on for four linear motors.  Nowhere in the universe does the linear flow did nuclear fusion.  Every sun’s Corona uses the turbulent flow of hygiene ions and electrons.
                The Great Hadron Collider need to install spin magnetic fields every 10 metres along its length.  Then we have hydrogen ions in turbulent flow.  And nuclear fusion.
Jonathan Thomason

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