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Petroless vehicle

11 April 2015
                Every 3 minutes around the world there is a lightening strike.  There releases five tonnes of helium gas.  According to E=mc2, that relates to an energy release of 2.5x1030 Watts of energy.
1                     H2O+Tu->He2++O2-+E2+Xray
The first set of turbulence, is from the interaction of rain drops in a rain storm.  Heavy rain releases X rays and heat.  Never explained!
Graph showing the relationship between wholesale and retail gas prices
                When we have no medical builder of 5000 volts, A partial steam plasma links up electron holes between the cloud tops and the ground.  They helium nuclei collect above the clouds layer.  When they leave the positive charge is a lost to outer space.  The negative charge falls to the ground with the rain.
                When a partial steam plasma touches down, we get the discharge of hundred amps of charge electrons.  This releases our 1030 W.  From a 1.5 kilometre partial steam plasma.
                80% of the steam plasma is inert hydrogen.  The steam plasma acts as a dilute hydrogen plasma.  The most exothermic structure in the universe.
                So if we fire up a mixed even mansion plasma in a glass tube, at four atmospheres, we will get 1.2 MW, from plasma only 1 cm thick.  A lightning strike is twice this!
                So he is said to nuclear fusion on earth.  A metre row of steam or gas burners only releases 25 kW.  A steam plasma releases 1.2 MW.  This the the we can replace or gas and oil burning in industry.
                The steam plasma uses a totally minuscule volume of regular water.  To release massive free energy.  Fossil fuels are woefully overpriced!  And the energy deficient.  Oxidising the carbon compound takes in energy.
2              Cm(H2O)n+pO2+Tu ->(mCO2-E)+(n-r)H2O+r(He2++O2-+E2+Xray)
                A steam plasma just does 1.  We get undiluted nuclear fusion energy.  Which is why a steam plasma is a masterly more exothermic than even a higher pressure flame of burning fossil fuels.
                We can double the amount of molecular nuclear fusion fossil fuels do, by a titanium plating the engine centres or boiler plate.  But it is far better to use a steam plasma.
A 2mx2cm steam plasma tubes at four atmospheres, will happily drive 100 MW power station continuously.  With no fossil fuel bound.  And no production of toxic radioactive waste.
3         H++e-+Tu ->x n0                                                the three hydrogen ions and electrons bond to form neutrons.  A hydrogen ion his own naked proton with neutrons.
4         1H++r n0 ->1+rH+ ->E2+L+Xray       the neutrons enrich other hydrogen ions.  Which undergo nuclear fission into massive energy, light and X rays.  Clean free energy.
5         16O2-+s n0 ->161H++24e-                 the oxygen ions bond or more neutrons and fission into hydrogen ions.
So clean energy with no carbon dioxide.  And no toxic radioactive waste.  Uranium fission is the most toxic process that will ever be permitted on the surface of the earth.  It must be prohibited today.
                This is a level physics!  Or maybe first year undergraduate physics.  The only thing I didn’t know.  Was that he hydrogen ions and a neutron bonded to form several neutrons.
                They don’t interact with fast moving electrons.  They enrich other atomic nuclei.  Which undergo nuclear fission into low atomic weights.  He each nuclear fission converting a neutron into energy.  Making the net process exothermic.
                In actual fact, the nuclear fission of atomic masses below iron, is naturally exothermic.  The only happens if we enrich the isotope.
                Eureka!  We haven’t O level physics set up, which converts regular water into essentially unlimited energy.  It releases the quarter of a million times more energy by volume, than burning fossil fuels.  That is a large number!
                And water falls from the skies for free.  A thimble full will generate our continuous 100 MW, for a decade.  Producing no solid radioactive waste.
                It is already on science record, that a stream of neutrons produced feathering of solid material.  They convert our plasma into massive energy, we have a little light and X rays.  There is a chemical source of neither.
                Burning fossil fuels only deserve light, as he initiates a little molecular nuclear fusion.  By firing up a partial steam plasma in the turbulence of the flame.
                So is already knew that an fossil fuel flame give out visible light and X rays.  There is no chemical source of neither.  Any decent university academic realized of flame was doing nuclear fusion.
                Our steam plasma operates as a pure fusion plasma.  Burning our regular water into energy light and X rays.  It is all so obvious!
                So we don’t need of fossil fuels: oxidising the carbon compound takes in energy.  Making fossil fuel burning energy deficient.
                So do Arabia is very scared.  It never realized it was doing energy deficient nuclear fusion.  And that a steam plasma was a free and far energetic structure.
                We came use the free energy to drive massive vacuum pumps.  Only a metre of vacuum head will boil off the sea water into pure water vapour.  We boil the see water in a upon bottom and cylinder, so the salt heavy brine returns to the sea.
                We years the water to irrigate the deserts.  And scarcer seed encrusted soil mats.  We get the soil from dredging out estuaries.  So we make the deserts lush arable areas once again.
                Like they were in the days of the Roman empire.  Arabia only aridified due to man is mismanagement after the little ice age.
                All the extra plant growth will scavenge carbon dioxide from the air.  Even today photosynthesis limits free average carbon dioxide at only two parts per million: is preindustrial level.
                The chairperson of the green party he cites man made climate change.  Idea-where the this is nuclear fiction.  Carbon dioxide is a static trace gas, that supports all life on earth but obviously has no affect on the weather.
                The chair person he is massively biologically stupid.  She should go and recent basic O level biology.  And get the hell out of politics!  She is a dangerous moron.  Repeat static trace gases affect nothing.
                The limit to life on earth is available circulating organic carbon.  The matzinger we want to do is to restrict the burning of fossil fuels.  Which increases active life on earth.  But they are massively overpriced!
                To get up free energy fire up a steam plasma tube.
                A 25x1cm steam plasma tube will drive a personal helicopter.  Were no fossil fuel bound.  With no speed limits.  We need to use a Computer System and radar to safely drive the car.
                Taking off and landing on the regular roads.  Or a field!  No traffic jams will ever slow down your journey.  No trip to fill up as a service station.  The make or we years ¼ thimble four of regular water, in the lifetime of the vehicle.
                As mentioned above, burning fossil fuels does low levels of nuclear fusion today.  Surrounding the water boiler with 1mm of FeO will block the emission of the low power X rays.
                So we get a vehicle which never needs to be refuelled.  And while buzz around at supersonic speed.  As I said, we need a computer to drive it.  Between coordinates.
                This is why Saudi Arabia is frantically selling oil!  Causing realises the within two years oil will have no real value.  The world warms to treat all to act as lubricants.  Not to burden.  The oil age has ended.
                This is why British Gas has just sold itself to Shell.  The game is up for fossil fuels.  My book on

Waterfal fusionBy James Z TylerJonathan M Thomason
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A regular waterfall one metre high turns water into helium and oxygen gases-and liberates massive heat and a little gamma wave radiation. Physicists note: waterfalls do nuclear fusion from regular water
Jonathan Thomason

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