Sunday, 12 April 2015

No black holes

12 April 2015
                Supposed black holes have spin!  So they shoot out a concentrated shot of X rays.  Hello!  Black holes have no dimensions.  They can display no spin.  They would radiate X rays in all directions.
                Just like X rays stars do.  They are actually brown dwarves.  They have used up all their hydrogen and helium, and cease to liberate light and heat.  So they contract a 1000 fold.  So they are concentrated areas of gravity.  As I was taught in 1982, they are non radiant brown stars.
                Gradually we can be a form of repulsive antimatter.  This annihilate to some degree with the matter emitting X rays.  As the stars rotate, we get gravitational lensing.
                Focusing X ray emissions from the poles of the star.  Gradually the sun gets less attractive-as you get the and four are repulsive antimatter.  That is repulsed beyond the radiant star’s helipause.
                As a start ceases to radiate electromagnetic radiation, we get me infall of repulsive antimatter.  Causing the start suddenly go nova!
                The super massive brown giant at galactic centres goes super nova.  The last incidence was in prehistory.  When Chinese astronomers recorded the incident.
                All the time we are seeing stars go nova!  And we have the astronomical records of the area space.  Show the presence of a suspected black hole.
                There are no black holes.  There are super giant brown dwarfs, waiting to go nova.  Stephen hawking had it right.  Black holes would break the laws of conservation of mass and energy.  They are a scientific impossibility.
                Too much of academic research is built around these phantom objects.  The universe does not need them!  All the universe within crashed inside a black hole a 100 billion years ago.
                Researching brown dwarfs we’ll give astronomy a huge boost.

Jonathan Thomason

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