Monday, 6 April 2015

Fusion charge your car.

6 April 2015
                When you burn a petrol air mixture you do molecular nuclear fusion
1              Cm(H2O)n+(p+r)O2 ->(mCO2-E)+(n-r)H2O+r(He2++O32-+E2+Xray+L)
                There are also useful predictions here.  A working petrol car range and their rates X rays and produces helium and free radical oxygen.  So we produce helium at only 650° C.  We are doing nuclear fusion at below the melting point of iron.
                No 10,000,000° C!  This is very scientifically interesting.  We have a massive heat source, and temperatures of engineering use.  Suddenly all the physicists doing nuclear fusion experiments I temperatures oC, look very stupid!
                If this is true, we would expect somebody to have stumbled across it.  They have done!  They assume a combustion or hydrocarbons, releases enough heat to boil off water vapour.  So the cell water injection systems for petrol cars.
                I am also the sender inject a fuel air mixture.  On the other side you inject a mist of water vapour.  Regular water vapour.  They of the C and the increasing performance was given by the boiling off of water.  Which produces 1000 fold volume increase.
                They are actually doing more nuclear fusion!  You must emit carbon fuel takes in energy: -E on the equation above.  But we are actually increasing the merger nuclear fusion we do.
2              H2O+Tu ->He2++O2-+E2+Xray       molecular nuclear fusion again
                I have already published files about the diesel cycle do molecular nuclear fusion.  So regular water will diesel: though I am not certain about the injection pressure we need.  The people have petrol cars.  And we can increase the four forms of these vehicles.
                The first three is a 200 UK pound Ti electro plate of the cylinder body and head.  At a stroke this will double the amount of nuclear fusion we are doing, for lifetime of the car.  So we tweak the carburettor to a lean burn.  And still perform the normal petrol engine.
                Is simple and quick fix!  Taught to me in metallurgy lectures at Sheffield University England in the 1980s.  Titanium metal doubles hydrogen reactions.  And this case the fusing of hydrogen ions to form helium.  This is old science!  For the published in the 1950s.
                The next thing is to fire water injection system.  They are available commercially over the Internet.  And can be fitted at home, or in the garage.
                Now we have water vapour in turbulent flow.  The hydrogen ions are exposed, and are incident on the valency electrons of other molecules.
2              H++e- ->n0           so a naturally aspirated petrol engine, produces both X rays and free neutrons.  There is no chemical source of neither!
                So we now have exposed hydrogen ions in turbulent reaction with both neutrons and X rays.
3              21H++Xray+r n0 ->He2++E2+Xray+s n0+L
                So a car engine taps into the energy source that makes suns shine.  He each nuclear fusion reaction liberates 6 W.  From a volume 10-12 liters.  As you drive a petrol diesel engine and today, the engine happily does nuclear fusion.
                Mean the driver and passengers are based in the power X rays.  Not to worry.  A beating hearts also releases lower power X rays, as turbulence in the flow of words does molecular nuclear fusion again.  So you are fusion device!
                Titanium plating the inside surfaces of the engine will double the amount of nuclear fusion me do.  More than doubling the power output of the emission: remember oxidising the hydrocarbon takes in energy.
                Injecting water into the side of the cylinder more than doubles the energy released for burning hydrocarbons.  So we are talking about ½ the fuel burn we do today.
                As we burn the fossil fuels, we liberate X rays or neutrons.  These interact with the water mist in turbulent flow, to do even more nuclear fusion!  So we return to ¼ fuel, for the same energy release.
                Quadrupling the MPG we get from burning petrol (and diesel).  Water will diesel naturally.  We get molecular nuclear fusion happening spontaneously from the turbulent flow of water vapour to high pressure.
                A petrol engine runs at lower pressure.  So we generate get spontaneous ignition.  But we burn a little fuel, and initiate massive amounts of nuclear fusion.
                I would like you to body to be driving a Wankle diesel engine, of regular water.  But using water injection by the present petrol engine is useful transitional science.
                And the price of petrol is directly linked to demand.  If we only want ¼ amount, the price will fall by a factor of six.
                You present diesel engine only needs minor modifications to run off water.  And obviously produce no carbon dioxide.  We vent ozone and helium.  Or if we do not inject any air, helium and free radical oxygen.  Which instantly converts to ozone.
                So no fossil fuel burn.  But that takes in energy!  So the water diesel will produce more power than one run on diesel oil.
                And most of our electricity is generated using a diesel burn.  If we inject high pressure water to play am a titanium ‘boiler plate’ we’ll let you get more heat than burning diesel fuel.
                Utilising no overpriced fossil fuels.  Just regular water.  We lose the helium to space, and at lightning strikes the extra oxygen recombines with captive interstellar hydrogen, to give us back our water.
                So the water regenerates naturally.  And falls from the skies for free.  Water is such a dense form of energy, it thimble full of regular water will run 100 MW power station for a decade.
                I keep meaning to do the experiments on sea water!  It certainly works from river water.  No more expensive fuel imported from the Middle East.
                They can years water diesels to free is free electricity.  And use vacuum pumps to raise sea water up only a metre.  It then boils!  Losing all salts and contaminants.
                We use the cheaper electricity to pump the water into the dancers.  And use this mats of Sir Edmond had wrenched from the seas, with grass seeds, to re-establish life in what is now desert.  So life on earth will expand their claims of carbon dioxide available in the air.
                Even today photosynthesis limits this to global average of two parts per million.  So will see more life shift from the temperate zones, to the equator.  Will make the deserts lush fertile areas-like they were in the time the Roman empire.
                We make a better world.  With no uranium fission-the technology of Satan.

Jonathan Thomason

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