Monday, 20 April 2015

Free power from water

20 April 2015
The trick is liquid water reacting in turbulence, at pressure.  Here we use a boiler chamber filled with water at four atmospheres.  The generator set can generate 135 kW, and can be purchased over the Internet for under 400 UK pounds.
Instead of using an oil or gas burner, we immerse a 2 kilowatts 40 kHz ultrasound source in the boiler chamber.  I have direct experience of this ultrasound through my for a job in metallurgical ultrasound.
We now get the interaction of hydrogen ions at above 1 the W.
1 2H+.O2-+US ->He+O+E2+Xray+L
Each water molecule will release 240 kW.  From a volume of 2x10-11 L.  This means that in a decade, the world will consume a thimble full of regular water.  A frighteningly small volume of water.  Basically we sell the plant with 10cc of water in a little reservoir.  And never need to top it up.
We utilised no gas or oil or coal!  We produce no carbon dioxide.  Or hyper toxic radioactive waste!  We induce the boiler in a 1mm iron oxide shield, and this reflects the X rays back into the water boiler.
The plant will save 30 seconds to give out to operating pressure and temperature.  We then drive a small turbine.  And condense the steam on the radiator in the free air.
We vent the gases to the air, and cycle round the liquid water.  A microballcork and valve below the gases from the reservoir.  A frighteningly small volume are totally harmless gases.
The oxygen will bond together to form regular oxygen from the air.  The helium is totally inert, and we lost to space the same day.
The generator will consume 2 kW of its own power.  And there hence we use 8 kW at maximum!  If we use electric ovens, to cook a Christmas dinner.  So we are going to sell 125 kW to the national grid.
I knew annual income of 375,000 UK pounds.  And all are heat and power for free!  We heat the house electrically, using a further the generated power.  Which is basically free!
So we burn no coal, gas or oil.  And generate an annual income of a third of a million pounds.  From regular water.  A frighteningly small volume of water.
Why does any way by a far from the national grids?  They are massively overpriced.  The term a power generator yourself.  And retire!  To more than a millionaire’s income.  The price or gas and oil is in terminal decline.
Pretty soon there will be no demand play energy from nuclear power.  Which is massively over expensive, and generates stratospherically toxic waste.  The least green industry ever.

Jonathan Thomason

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