Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Free electricity

22 April 2015
                Is a steam plasma every 3 minutes around the world, there is a lightening strike!  It is set up by heavy rain doing molecular nuclear fusion
1              H2O+Tu+O2->He2++O32-+E2+Xray+L
                Geography is have noted the production of visible light and X rays by heavy rain!  There is no chemical source of either.  And no fossil source of helium-other than nuclear fusion of hydrogen ions.  Every person alive today has felt the electricity and heat from heavy rain.

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                The turbulent interaction of rain drops causes the fusion of exposed hydrogen ions.  As far as the production of ozone.  Only again for gas sampling will show the creation of helium ions.
                Well may get a potential build up of 5000 volts, we will ever been plasma, linking of electoral holes between the cloud tops and the ground.  The positive charge collects above the clouds layer.  The negative charge falls to the ground.
                When it touches down we get the discharge of hundred amps of charge electrons.  This releases 5 tonnes of helium gas.  Which converts to 2.5x1030 W of energy.
                As heat, sound, light and other frequencies of electromagnetic radiation.  Including our rays.  This equates to 5.8 MW/m from a 2cm wide steam plasma.  This is too much heat.
                The 50x1cm partial steam plasma will release 1.2 MW.  No experiments have yet being done already released from a pure steam plasma.
                We can use this to heat the water in the boiler chamber once up to temperature we’re going to generate over 100 kW of electricity.  The national grid his 3000 pounds per kilowatt year.  We are looking at an annual income of 300,000 UK pounds.  From regular water.
                In a glass tube we give additional reaction
2              H++e- ->n0                           the the hydrogen ions and free electrons bond to form neutrons
3              1H++r n0 ->1+RH+ ->Er3+Xray+L
4              16O2-+s n0 ->16+sO2- ->161H++24e-                               the oxygen ions never 16 hydrogen ions and 24 electrons.  Plus surplus energy
                So a steam plasma tube produces no solid radioactive waste.  All the matter ends up as heat, light and other electromagnetic radiation.  Which is contained within the plant.
                So no carbon dioxide!  And an annual income of 300,000 UK pounds per 50 cm steam plasma tube.  We are probably going to use four!  Giving us an annual income of 1.2 million.  From regular water.
                We are also are going to undercut fossil fuel burning.  Or hyper toxic uranium fission.  We utilised no enriched isotopes!  The steam plasma enriches its own hydrogen ions.
                Just so simple!  Burning fossil fuels does do a little molecular nuclear fusion.
5              CH4+Tu+pO2 ->(CO2-E)+He+E3   or ->(CO2-E)+(H2O+E)
                The oxidation of hydrogen ions is massively exothermic.  But the oxidation of carbon molecules is significantly endothermic-it takes in heat.
                A steam plasma is massively more energetic.  Producing no carbon dioxide.  Just massive free energy.  All science was published in the 1950s.  Burning oil or gas is defective technology.
                The fuel is over price, full circle is not that energetic.  Above four atmospheres once started with a pulse of electricity at 2000 volts, the plasma self sustains.  Concerning 10 cc of regular water every decade.
                And giving us at the annual income of a third of a million pounds.  It goes without saying that nobody with a steam plasma would never work ever again.  And certainly not two years to burn coal, oil or gas.  And no is stratospherically toxic uranium fission.

Jonathan Thomason

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